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Stallman, fuck off with your "meta" key you old buzzard. Get with the times! 😈

"here, use this browser that replaces obtrusive ads with more subtle ones!"

"But where do these other ads come from?"

"Our ad network"

"And who gets the ad revenue?"


"So you're stealing?"

"What no! We're getting paid for replacing the ads!"

"So you're stealing revenue?"

"Umm, no more questions!"

"How many TOTP secrets can be stored on YubiKeys and Nitrokeys?":

– Nitrokeys: up to 16
– YubiKeys: up to 32

(Values may differ due to different firmware, or hardware variants.)

In both cases, you need additional software to use TOTP since these tokens don't come with their own internal clock. A clock would require an energy source, but these tokens don't contain batteries.

#securitytoken #yubikey #nitrokey #gpg #pgp

@mdhughes @brandon

What surprised me was seeing some of the visual arts pros I know start switching a few years back when the big commercial packages all went cloud/subscription. They didn’t want the cost and risk associated with that model and went looking for something that works more like regular software.

I swear, evangelists just don't understand:

Talking about Free Software Evangelism

But if I dream for Big after? How many years 0$ Because My Love ❤️

The weight of an internal email is defined by the relationship between the length of body of the email and the length of the To: field

@emsenn Also, how is pressing a combination of keys "more efficient" than pressing a single key to navigate pages?

@emsenn finally got to starting the tutorial for Emacs. It irks me that they say "type" rather than "press" when talking about using command hotkeys.

I guess it might be because for me "typing" usually means pressing one character after another, in sequence. As well that the notation is C- or M- and then the character, again, implies that it would be one after the other rather than something like C+ or M+

Umm, I just saw Deepin and I'd say that it's probably the best DE for Windows migrants

Change my mind?

The singing in "The Fall" kinda reminds me of 21 Pilots singer, Tyler Joseph

Loving the drums in "arrow" by half•alive right now. It feels "big", whatever that means

The Point of Practicing Self-Discipline:

It's a little out there but it's worth looking at things from the other side.

Boss is working from home, colleague who does receiving called in sick, which means that I have barely anything to do at work except for a few timely things here and there!

Sounds like a great way to end the week. Maybe I'll write a post earlier today so that I can relax this evening.

Also a good time to observe some emacs tutorials cc @emsenn

Interesting video going over some of the out-of-character decisions Microsoft has been making over past several years

The Point of Practicing Self-Discipline:

It's a little out there but it's worth looking at things from the other side.

Want to use #WriteFreely with Apache instead of Nginx? Here's an excellent step-by-step guide on doing just that.

you gotta do a background check on everyone you ever interact with on social media just incase they said something that can retroactively get you cancelled by association
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