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Just heard a teenager refer to Weezer as 'vintage dad rock' I'm fucking dying
The guy behind them looked so offended ·

So happy that the level of stress has finally calmed down at work!!

Thanks to all those who gave me some solid advice and for all the support :)

It brings me joy to know that there's someone out there who decided to name a piece of malware "DADBOD"

Some context btw for those wondering:

Read It Later, Inc.'s law firm contacted 's developer and he replies:

Nate Weiner (Pocket CEO/Founder) replies personally without lawyer involvement and Nicolas' reply settles the "spat.":

This is beautiful :)

For those recently introduced to , it used to be called "Poche" (french for the word pocket) but because of Pocket (formerly named Read It Later), they had to change the name.

Also, the name Wallabag comes from a portmanteau of wallaby and bag (like a handbag).

Joyce Hakmeh, research fellow of cyber policy

An unfortunately AWESOME name

What I wouldn't give for my back to stop hurting. I'm only 24 fuck 😫

The folks @Purism are doing God's work I swear:

Don't ask about the URL, I don't know where that comes from 🤣

Current solution is an Excel spreadsheet :P

I'm thinking of writing a Windows application that gives me a nice overview of what "orders" we have pending user response, what orders are ready to be shipped and what orders are on backorder (waiting for more equipment to arrive)

Any recommendation on language? I'm looking for something quick and dirty, nothing TOO fancy

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