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Curious to see if there are those out there who would be willing to pay a nominal fee to get something self-hosted for them

Eg: I run my own servers, spin up docker containers with your service, and you manage everything from the front-end

@kev Would you consider having merch store with FOSStodonite-contributed themes/photos/etc?

EEEP :D Response from boss's boss on the documentation and policies! I might get to do a presentation too!

@poetgrant @codesections rebuilding the gitea instance. Idk what happened but mariadb died on the droplet so I'll have to back things up, rebuild the droplet and then put the files back

frustration from software 

Doki Doki Literature Club except it's MegaMan characters

On the light side maybe I'll make some more documentation? Maybe write a blog post if I so feel inspired? Fix my gitea instance?

Great, colleague doing shipping is out sick today (probably doesn't want to have to brave this cold, I don't blame him) and so I have to stay "in the office" and somehow occupy myself

Oh boy is it chilly this morning! -16°C

Next weekend supposed to be -25 but that's still a little ways away

Good morning all, I hope your weekend is coming to a decent close. i know mine is because I get to finish cleaning my apartment yay!

If you, yes you, reading this toot would be so kind as to either check out my podcast or share it with someone who might need to listen, I would be so grateful ♥️

I'm working today on trying to get the RSS feed fixed to include as well as get the properly on other platforms like iTunes and Spotify.The problem is the platforms being buggy

Fuckin' Lightning Addon not using the dark theme of Thunderbird. Mozilla, get your shit together...please?

To be clear I'm not asking because I don't know how I should pronounce it, I'm curious how you pronounce it

Looking into self-hosted Google Analytics alternatives, and… the competition is not so good, right? Matomo seems like the leader, but they are *really* pushing the paid version, and the self-hosted version relies on a lot of dependencies I don't want, like MySQL.

In my ideal world there would be some super-simple Node.js script that uses SQLite as a backing store, or an Nginx plugin, but I guess it doesn't exist? 🤔

WOW! Guess what? It's because I have a dual monitor setup. Turn off the second monitor, launch game, put into windowed mode, then turn second monitor back on. Works without issue after that.

Transparent screen + AR = actually not obnoxious looking Google Glass

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