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@ndegruchy Funny enough, there IS an App called TootyFruity but it looks like the beta is closed.


@ndegruchy I'm still using Firefox though. What's the point of using Safari?

@LoMakesComics Just with the first few pages, I don't gather you'll have too many issues


@ohyran Basically he's the "not all men" type of guy in my mind

@LoMakesComics I just started from the beginning and I think my favorite flair is the way that the speech bubbles and onomatopoeias are stylized for emphasis 👌

I haven't gotten through enough to comment on the story but as of chapter 1 page 13 I'm really enjoying it!

Will there be an "end" or milestone for this at which you publish the comic in a physical manner?

@kev that's kinda what it was feeling like, a second job. And it really wasn't fun.

I'm glad you got out of it before you burned yourself out

@ndegruchy @kev that sounds like a good idea :p it's hard to think of something every day to write but when i start writing again I'm going to be basing off of writing prompts and doing more creative writing

It's definitely not `loginctl terminate-user $USER` because that kills your DE login too

@kev Thanks for sharing your experience, it's helping me reconsider what I should think of my self, am I a blogger or someone who just happens to blog? Am I an internet personality or on the internet and have a personality?

It's hard to not commercialize yourself when so much screams that you have to be about the attention that people have on you

So I stopped writing on my blog for quite a while now and I think I should say why:

I got bored. I was writing for the sake of writing at that point and I was putting out things that just were not polished enough. I wasn't proud of what I was writing, I just didn't find any passion in what I was writing.

I wasn't getting the same enjoyment. Even though it was my opinion, it was forced.

I'll probably get back to it soon, but expect more creative writing instead of lots of opinion.

This is the PineTime. A companion for your Linux smartphone, and new side-project of ours. More news coming in the future...

(If you have experience with FreeRTOS or mbed, and are interested, please get in touch!)

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