If y'all are interested, I packaged ghostwriter for macOS, tested functional on Big Sur. I'll testing on Catalina tomorrow: github.com/BNolet/ghostwriter/

@Spaceface16518 Thank you! I appreciate it :) Kinda feel like I've got a personal stake in this app now too :P

@Spaceface16518 Ouu this is nice! I was not aware of Typora.

I would switch over but I just got the app built and it runs without issues (that I know of) now :P

@bg No. Don't do it. Targeting verticals is pretty much against the entire spirit of mastodon and the fediverse

@splatt9990 Though I may use emacs+org-mode to write my book if LaTeX doesn't suit my fancy

@splatt9990 Oh...meh. I don't like using emacs for the one issue of the seven thousand shortcuts I have to remember. I'm more of a point and click kinda person. I make use of more shortcuts than the average person, but I'm closer to the average person I'd say than the average emacs user

@Zach777 Funny enough this actually wasn't an issue of the dependencies of the project (at least thus far), it was an issue with one of the post-build tools not collecting one of the required frameworks for the QtWebEngine (not sure if you're familiar enough with Qt to know what I'm referring to)

@splatt9990 I honestly don't think that anything like that would have helped find the solution to this issue. Part of my pain is my unfamiliarity with Qt, C++, qmake, macOS programming...pretty much the entire thing except for having used the already compiled app on Linux and Windows...

For those wondering, I'm trying to properly package github.com/wereturtle/ghostwriter on macOS. Qt is wringing me out.

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Compiling apps you're not familiar with is a pain in the ass. Doubly so when you don't know if it's the code, the compiler, or the extraneous build tools that is the issue

@wizzwizz4 Within ghostwriter.app/Contents/Frameworks/QtWebEngineCore.framework/Helpers/QtWebEngineProcess.app/Contents/MacOS/

it was just empty...

@wizzwizz4 ok I got it running now, the actual executable for QtWebEngineProcess is missing for some reason...

@wizzwizz4 Added the homebrew installed QtWebEngineProcess location to the PATH, recompiling now and then running

@wizzwizz4 Maybe? I'm not convinced that it is, but I can't say I know better 🤔

So I got ghostwriter working on macOS, the weird issue though is that I can't launch the app from the GUI, and have to launch it from the terminal.

It's not the worst, but super not user friendly. It seems to be an issue with the Qt web engine:

"Could not find QtWebEngineProcess"

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