Should you be concerned about uploading your passwords to its server?

The answer to this question is still "Yes!" Here the author demonstrated yet another way for the server to access your data, the issues being structural.

@njha Btw, I really like exercises like this 👌 Fun for the brain

@codesections @Matter I believe VSCode's Live Share features a "direct" mode. This might allow you to eliminate the need for a third-party server at all. Though I don't think Live Share is open-source

@njha Since the unique ID and registered voter list are never correlated with each other at any time, and voters are marked as having voted by pencil on a piece of paper, then only the person marking the person as having voted will know, or someone directly following after the person voting.

I think it's a very slim chance that anyone of interest would be caught up in this, unless they're the type of moron to post a selfie either while voting or on their way to vote. That's another issue

@njha You don't assign the IDs to a person. It's either generated "on the fly" or pre-generated and the registered voter is marked as having voted by idk, putting a checkmark beside their name. The list of registered voters and list of IDs are never associated with each other and have no link

Voters don't have to present some form of ID such as a driver's license or birth certificate?

@emsenn @leadore Any other issues of course, I would direct you to a veterinarian

@emsenn @leadore It'll be fine :) Just give it lots of attention and make sure they always have food and fresh water (within reason), as well as a clean litter

@emsenn Yup, coat color is influenced by the X chromosome. Because only one X chromosome can be considered active in a single cell after something like 100s of cells being present, one of them gets put into a dormant state per cell.

That dormancy decision carries out to the cells that generate from any given cell so when cells multiply, so does that decision. This results in the distinctly stripey pattern rather than more of a blend.

@emsenn Did you know that the pattern of different colours are the result of a "fight" between a mother and father's X chromosomes?

I'm also guessing this one's a girl?

@vancha Good points, and I saw how big GNU is today and wow :P

@emsenn I'd put the enamel especially because it's drywall

@emsenn Right?? AND they used caulk instead of grout between the countertop and tile :P Though there's grout between the tiles, it doesn't look like any old regular grout. It's white so I imagine it's non-sanded

@emsenn Oooh yeah that's a little weird :S

Sorry, I'm used to tile walls being behind my sinks :P

@Matter @frinkeldoodle I'm not sure what trick you could employ. Surely there are some tips somewhere

@emsenn on a tile wall? I'm not sure if that's better or worse in the long term

@emsenn Aww shiet, maybe you should make another defect in the caulk ;)

Yeah there's a few things I've sold that I have use for now and it's such a bother :P

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