@kai It's not so much OUR company that's the issue, it's a piece of third-party software :P

I'm working with one of our admin tools and goddamn I was mad when the response.data of one GET is an object, and the response.data of another GET was a fucking ARRAY with a SINGLE object inside it

Tell your story where you reach out to third party support and ended up building a friendly rapport :)

@tomosaigon i think there are more thoughtful ways of saying that but I don’t agree either way.

I wonder if certain programmers choose smaller screen laptops because it also helps with focus

@ndegruchy See that's what I thought! But no, it's to return the value of that property if it has one. Would give me the value of authticket

Select-Object $obj -ExpandProperty AuthTicket

What do you think this does^

Someone was looking for a paint.NET alternative a while ago for macOS. I found this? pinta-project.com/pintaproject

I wonder if MS would be doing themselves a service if they made their systems slash-direction insensitive. Would allow them to eventually transition to be conformative with UNIX and UNIX-based path formatting

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Hmm, quite similar in visual appearance. Definitely re-used libraries here. Good on MS for making re-useable code

@Naughtylus Hmm, I don't think this is relevant to the context of the video as it stands. This is moreso a movement to encourage folks to publish their works under certain licenses, rather than the enforcement of those licenses.

Definitely adjacent, but I don't think worth talking at length in the context that Tom Scott was going over. A mention, though, would have been nice

@Naughtylus What do you mean by free culture?

Thank you for sharing this by the way. Tom Scott doesn't get nearly as much recognition as I think he should

Anyone here play with Powershell core on platforms like Linux and macOS?

@ssokolow @cosullivan Definitely agree with that sentiment. Idioms are difficult when it comes to translation as there's often an underlying meaning that's not explicit.

A blog post by our instance admins used the phrase "enough in the kitty" but I can imagine how poorly that may translate to other languages.

@ssokolow @cosullivan natively as in it’s their first language or as in already speaks enough of the language to know something doesn’t look right?

@kai Not so much when it comes to project management. Usually it's because the amount of projects is approaching the point where they need complete focus to juggle the number of tasks involved in each. Project management is as much coming up with the solution as it is following up, facilitating communication, and setting expectations

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