more job complaining 

Them: *opens a high urgency ticket for something stupid*

Also them: *Opens a low urgency ticket for something important*


@sotolf I worked at a hospital at some point and yeah...that was too regular an occurrence.

Thankfully I was the one replacing their computer kit and that nitrile gloves are common there.

I would sometimes have batting practice with the less disgusting keyboards. It was a blast XD


@sotolf Depending on the state, that's where some of ours end up. It's especially in the trash when the keys are discoloured or there's so much goddamn cat hair in the keyboard

@TechZerker YUP! I have a few people

Them: I have a problem and I opened a ticket can you fix it now?

Colleague: I'll take a look now

Me: Hi there! Thanks for opening a ticket. Please note this channel is no longer being monitored, someone will get to you when we have a help desk technician available

Them: Oh trust me, I know how to make noise if I need to


Know this: some people in your company are absolutely fucking disgusting human beings who have no problem suddenly quitting and then returning their computer with caked on finger grease and various types of hair in their keyboard.

@10kohms Please do! I had to relearn touch typing and also get a special ergo keyboard just to rid myself remotely of any pain. And even then, I still get some pains from time to time :/

@10kohms I used to do some weirdo version of touch typing that involved only the use of my right index, left index and left middle finger, plus thumb for space bar

Then I developed RSI :D

Making some progress with learning Python for Slack apps 👌 It's painful but it's gotta be done!

me: If you do XYZ, does the issue go away?

them: Well sometimes I have to do ABC to fix it temporarily

me: But what if you do XYZ?

them: I have to do LMNOP sometimes too


@utahcon we have new arrivals and commonly the manager will be reading out the new person's password over the phone, which means they have to read the password in the sans-serif font

Why the fuck does LastPass think that using a sans-serif font is okay for passwords. Like... the amount of tickets that have been opened because of the lack of difference between I and l (that's an I and an L) It's just unreasonable to display any password in anything other than a monospace font

@imurcultleader I can talk politics with you if you don't mind. Would rather do it solely in DMs though, often get too many chiming in on top of what we're talking about

@silverhax That's just the thing. You can be sure that the charger is the right type, lest you carry around 5 "dongles" to make the conversion :P

@silverhax Just knowing that you'll be able to charge whereever you go is kinda difficult when you have anything but a tesla honestly

@murtezayesil Where I'll be functioning on some assumption that the other person knows what I'm doing or what I'm about to do because well, that huge train of thought that I just went through is something that the other person so OBVIOUSLY knows. Then I respond in kind with that unconscious assumption, leads to me coming off as rude.

I hate it and how it makes others feel. Don't fault someone for making that assumption though unless they double down on it. It's often unconsciously done 2/2

@murtezayesil I think this is closer than you think to what's called Theory of Mind, which is the capacity to imagine another's mind as incongruous from one's own.

If this person lacks the forethought or ability to have such forethought, this can also be construed as lacking theory of mind.

Funny enough one can have a lapse in theory of mind which can lead to misunderstandings. This happens a lot with me. 1/2

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