@maigonis I'll let you know what the upper limit is once I can find it

@maigonis I have a file that I put ~500 pages of lorem ipsum in, and it hangs with onlyoffice when trying to open it again :/

@maigonis I'm not surprised about that one. Even Google Docs gets slow on large docs. Idk why they have to render these documents in native format when it would be more efficient to just save it in the format and render it in a more web friendly fashion

@bkastl comparing to what Firefox has, I think it's more of a tracker blocker. Could I be mistaken?

@maigonis also, you might want to upload a profile pic. Helps people distinguish you visually from others

@bkastl not surprised, Google's model is built on ads πŸ™„

@maigonis on mobile it's...garbage 🀣

The "always saved" syncing makes it useless as when you stop typing then start again, it like..retypes what you typed before you stopped

@maigonis I only used it for a few minutes so I didn't get to test a large document, but from what I quickly tested, it worked quite well πŸ‘Œ

Better than the collabora online demo I tested too

After a few hours, I've succumb to using what I found here: github.com/ONLYOFFICE/docker-o

Albeit slightly modified for SSL as well as using MariaDB rather than SQLite

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@mattmcnutt @Skryking it's not that I'm looking for a utility to do this, it's that the utility I use wasn't working like it's supposed to

@bobstechsite @Skryking So it turns out that even though I set pulseaudio to stop autospawning, it does it anyway after a certain 5 seconds or so.

If I kill it then apply quick enough, it works

@hrthu Also, from looking at a few vids, it looks just as craptastic as the desktop version does

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