I had to move these five honkin chonkers today, big oof. Plus the rack. On my own, of course :P

And then finally I was stuck...I don't have a 20 amp circuit. Luckily for now we have a 15amp compatible APC UPS :D

@IzzyOnDroid @MrDers there's something similar to that where you really can function offline

It's called Scuttlebutt and I was on there a while ago but stopped because I didn't have much to add to any conversations, but I'd be willing to go back on these days. It was so simple and so noiseless

@MrDers Yes absolutely! We're introducing some sort of video/documentation hybrid to our onboarding to make it more engaging and stimulating :)

@sotolf I really do. I regularly write documentation at my job and translating an entire documentation I just wrote into French usually yields good results with one or two grammatical errors or errors where the wrong word/phrase was used.

It saves me a lot of time and being in Quebec, I have to have a french version of the documentation

@brandon As a second thing never use machine translation for anything that you put out, either really support the language or don't, it's so horrible :)

@sotolf Thankfully I speak French so I can technically use Google Translate or similar and then correct after. Sometimes though, I get some really funny mistakes in the translation :P

Do *not* use a speech to text solution for the narration in your onboarding video if that's the avenue you go. It's literally inhuman, it makes the new person feel like they're not worth your team's time. It gives a really cold impression and if you're expecting folks to come to you for help, that first impression means a lot.

If means the difference between someone DEMANDING your help, and asking for it.

I don't want websites and the companies that own them to manipulate me into staying longer. I don't want them actively attempting to exploit weaknesses in my brain. I don't want to be controlled.

I just want to have interests. And I just want to live a humble life. And I want to make sure that those around me are happy and healthy.

This "value"-hungry network of companies have to be stopped.

@torresjrjr @freemo @lupyuen Man, SourceHut's been lookin' like a real good GitHub contender for a while now. I wish it was more popular!

@gaurdianaq Ah nice! I considered subscribing to to Motherboard at some point but last I had checked they didn't have a way.

Considering donating to ProPublica. They've got fantastic pieces and some reliable investigative journalism from what I've seen

@Ateriath Nice! Funding local papers is always a good idea (unless they spout legitimate conspiracy theories :P )

Do you pay for news?

@jordan31 Rude :P But for real, as long as there's no grime or grease on the laptop, I can deal with whatever crumbs under the keyboard

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