@iLoveCinnamon I was very surprised to find it already installed on my macOS machine too :P

@fullstackthaumaturge Just noticed they have an iOS and Android app, might be able to emulate one of those on my computer

@fullstackthaumaturge I know how to download the inbox, I don't know the tools to set up a local mailbox on a server that:

* Will download the email on an ongoing basis
* I could connect to with a desktop client at will to search mail older than X amount of years (I have to check what my data usage is for mailbox storage)

@kai Like the imperial and metric tonnes?

That must fuck up a LOT of stuff. The only reason these things don't fall off the wayside is because the folks who force their usage have a lot of influence internationally

@kai I mean, I know how POP3 works, I just mean do clients have an option to "keep all mail regardless of deletion on the server"?

@fullstackthaumaturge Oh I see, no I don't use a desktop client, I primarily access my email through the web client that Fastmail provides. Especially since I can't control some of the features of my inbox through most desktop clients.

Example: Rules don't synchronize between the Fastmail server and desktop clients.

So I make a rule on desktop client, it doesn't get applied unless that desktop client is open.

I make a rule on the server, I can't view it on the desktop client

@Aldi80s @markusl And you could probably extend the familiarity, intimacy theme to say that the change of scenery/travel should be with someone I love/feel close to.

Another entirely different interpretation is that I'm feeling trapped by my past and that I'm afraid of regressing in my personal development.

Both fit me and my personality

All this is super subjective, there's no concrete conclusions that could ever be made

@Aldi80s @markusl This recurring dream has a few themes:

* I'm at my parents place = intimacy, familiarity
* Inside looking out = longing for the outside, travel, scenery
* Flood = feeling of entrapment, and overwhelm
* Big deadly wave = fear of being won over by those feelings

So my conclusion from this recurring dream is that I'm feeling trapped by my own thoughts an emotions. I'm afraid of letting those emotions win. The solution that my subconscious has is change of scenery/travelling. 2/2

@Aldi80s @markusl You'll likely find an incomplete conclusion. There isn't much rhyme or reason for meanings in individual dreams, it's more the patterns that you want to pay attention to.

Are there common themes across similar dreams?

Ex: I have a recurring dream wherein I'm at my parents place and there's a flood occurring. I'm usually inside the home looking out towards the river behind the place. At the end of the dream is usually a big wave that would likely mean drowning 1/2

@kai Just like how chips in NA are potato chips but chips in Europe (or at least England) are referring to french fries? :P

Or how "pants" in NA refers basically to shorts that go to or past your ankles in length and in British English "pants" refers to undergarments? :P

@freakinbox Have you looked into Docker for this purpose?

Or maybe you could virtualize SteamOS?

@kai If I can tell the client to not delete emails that were removed from the server, yeah actually.

Do you have any configuration guides for something like that?

@kai 🤦‍♂️ Oh god, so that Long Scale uses "# of sets of 6 zeroes" plus an -ard to denote "# of sets of 6 zeroes plus 3 zeroes"

That's dumber.

@freakinbox You don't have to run Windows server to be able to run Windows in a VM? Is there something I missed in your use case?

@freakinbox You could also set up a Windows VM in Virtualbox if your computer has enough resources to do so

Surely I'm just not well-versed enough in this kind of thing to know the right words to look it up on online.

I'm looking to be able to use something akin to a local-only inbox to view the archive, but don't want to have to forward my emails manually to this inbox as that would mean making it publicly available.

Does anyone have a guide on archiving emails?

@Aldi80s That's quite unsettling! Have you ever been to Japan before?

I think "thousand" should be erased as a name and the whole scale of million billion trillion should shift down one set of 3 zeroes.

Million = Mono = 1 set of 3 zeroes
Billion = Bi = 2 sets of 3 zeroes
Trillion = Tri..etc.

Million is derived from the Italian Mille meaning one thousand. This whole augmentative suffix of one BS should not be accepted.

Either make it consistent or stop implementing partial fixes. Partial fixes tend to not play out well in the long run.

@LovesTha it’s not the particular file format. That is my problem, it’s the fact that I have to visit some webpage to access my receipt, on a server that probably won’t be maintained as long as people might keep their receipts

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