Instead of doubling down and going into work even though I felt sick in the stomach, I made the choice today to stay home, vedge, and generally take the time to recharge.

Had I gone into work, some work may have been done, but I'd have been stressed every time I had to go see someone that I would have to excuse myself, and I would have felt twice as much like garbage.

It may seem insignificant of a choice, but I think this long term thinking resulted in a net increase of happiness.

Someone opens a mouth mask and makes a huge discovery! No mouth masks for me!!!1!!1%1!!! 😷


@Coneng I believe so, we pay for Android phones, we donate money to projects we like.

I think there's certainly less money in the OSS enthusiast space than the OSS enterprise space, but that's the same for proprietary software too

@TwitterSupport can I get sports removed from my timeline and trending?

...oh wait, wrong place. sorry

@codesections I usually mention some sort of short form of their name.

I could mention you by saying CS, sections, codes, codesec, or something else I haven't thought of

@jeremiah Meh, not really a notable thing to me 🤷‍♂️

@jeremiah I don't get the beanie thing I don't listen to timcast

pol, tarriffs 

Tariffs one oh one: It means companies in your country have to pay more for the same materials. An additional tax is added to the purchase of those materials, and those taxes goes to the state/gov't that imposed those taxes on manufacturers.

Trump is the one taking advantage of the American public, not any of those other countries he's imposed them on.

"More tariffs" means to Trump "more money for American military"

@jeremiah side note: that guy reaaaaally doesn't understand tariffs


@espen aah, spoken like a true psychic :P

politig, hidden sites 

@klonoavirus That's slightly funny, also a little scary :P What on earth could those certain difficulties have been?


@georgia Glad to know I'm not alone in this train of thought


At first thought, I'm legitimately surprised there have been no assassination attempts against Trump

But then I think, "well, the people who are most likely to assassinate someone or order an assassination, are probably on his side"

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