aaand none of the url shorteners that I've tried work either

Upload a PPT w/ a URL that has a slack uri, and it gets overwritten to http://null

Fucking Google docs doesn't accept custom uri schemes in their hyperlinks

@Matter I'm sure we've spoken about it before but his views on pedophilia, necrophilia and beastiality

@n0btc @jamie got no choice unfortunately. It's part of my training. I have six months like this

@Matter what do you mean by "that's convenient"?

But yeah, I don't like it either and frankly while I HIGHLY disagree and think that he's an extremely bigoted fellow, I do find myself agreeing with you on this in that *this* shouldn't have been the reason he resignates; though I believe there are other reasons relating to his abrasive personality and huge disconnect between him. I find it hard to find a free software enthusiast that comes close enough to being able to relate to him :p

@Matter frankly I think there was a lot worse that could be dug up about him and I saw folks "building" up cases against him (going much further than I did in my thread) while still being honest.

It would have either been resignation or ousting this time around.

What's being pointed out here is definitely part of the problem today in msm. It's far too easy to exaggerate and get away with it. But it would have also been so easy to be honest and put forth the same impact, with greater weight...

@mike it's about time. I believe that his image and reputation were holding the FSF back in terms of reach.

@normandc but you have to use a modifier key to use the square brackets, no?

Also holy crap I didn't know that the backtick is literally the same Unicode character

@normandc I also have to do IT work and that's near impossible to do with CSA. Try entering backslashes, backticks, or square brackets while writing markdown. It's annoying, and far less convenient while using CSA compare to English US.

I can't stand it. So I just use the switch language keyboard shortcut to switch between the two when necessary. It's quicker for me

@normandc yeah that's what it's called on mac. I have to keep it because of course I have to also write emails in french

@normandc canadian french keyboard. CSA or something like that?

@ndegruchy I just turned on the twist gesture for switching tabs. This is really nice :3

Does the MacBook just not have any sort of palm rejection?

@terryenglish I won't get a work phone, I don't think. At least not yet. Besides, I wouldn't want one at the moment

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