@Tayo @ErikaDesign feel free! I'm more than happy to have it spread around :) also, I think I'll set up a repo for the raw file so that folks can contribute their own changes

@ErikaDesign hey there thanks for boosting my beginner's guide to discovery! I hope it helped :)

@Wizski Sir, I don't think you know what the definition of Blackmail is...

@feld idk how you've managed for 15 years, but then again when you're good at keeping yourself busy it's hard to not want more time to work on your own projects

@codeHaiku I hear you! At least SBucks is drinkable :P

I make my coffee from home using freshly roasted beans and what a world of a difference it makes, especially when compared to SBucks

@kai I don't think this is the first time that you've shared this with me but I know that every time I think "god this is a weird music video"

@feld I hear you. By having a similar routine, it allows to create a common routine between us and also allows for "basic" things like scheduling, and planning meals to become periphery.

@matt Part of it is less about sleep and more about the routine, being synced up, and being on the same schedule. It's about that...bond? that being in the same routine has.

Also, the routine affords us the mental space to focus on things of more importance than just trying to sync our schedules :P

This has been the first weekend...I think ever...in my current relationship where I get to sleep in the entire weekend *with my partner* and not have to immediately start getting ready to go out after waking up.

I could get used to this

For context, my partner got a new job that has a Monday to Friday 8-5 work schedule 👍

@efftoyz yup, I found this one out after trying to test something using my MacBook Pro and seeing that the MAC had not changed.

I think Windows might have this behaviour as of late as well? Though I didn't dive deep enough to find out

For context, to be able to use an old website created for Internet Explorer, without having to access a remote desktop app, I had to use a custom user agent string in Safari.

Side question: anyone know how to get around revoked certificates being denied in Chrome on macOS? I don't even get the option to bypass...

need to disable macOS System Integrity Protection just to be able to add my own custom User Agent String to a menu in Safari...

@yojimbo I enjoy skiing, it'll be fun I think! Also getting to watch my boss fall on his ass will be a pleasure :D

So...I just found out that I'm going on a ski trip with my company... paid by them?

@AppleStrudelMan I hate sports 🙄 plus I don't have cable and I'm not spending money watch sports lol

Downpour expected rest of the day, with temps descending overnight to -7 or so, and no chance of above freezing temperatures. Looks like we're in for a ride

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