@kev I think it's missing something 🤔 or I just plain lost my train of thought while writing

For the new folks on Mastodon, here are the various ways you can discover new people on here to talk to!


Please boost :)

@liam_reilly Welcome! Feel free to make an toot to let us know more about you :)

Working on an intro article for Mastodon in light of the latest peak in signups

@YannnSud @n0btc

>The Federated Timeline shows all public posts from all users "known" to your instance. This means the user is either on the same instance as you, or somebody on your instance follows that user.


@vancha This is one of the things that I feel Apple does better on the desktop than most do. Responsive applications are difficult to get right if the UI library doesn't support it very well

Does anyone have the exact specification as to which and who's statuses you're supposed to see on the federated timeline?

@mk Sometimes :P It's also random stuff that I find when doing research for posts :P

@mk Oh yeah, I know :P I saw the name of the photo file, just trying to raise some fun bants :)

Heyyy, @purism is this even someone who works at your company in the photo? puri.sm/about/

>The Librem 5 is not Intel-based, it is based on an i.MX 8M chipset, so we don’t need coreboot nor the Management Engine. The chipset will be completely free software without any binaries whatsoever!

...I think they a word somewhere

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