Your perspective is probably the most beneficial considering that that's exactly what it is. Though me agreeing with your premise about web development might be moreso because I'm closer to that industry than most others

I think most of what I've read is not considered "good literature" and more so "popcorn literature" unfortunately and maybe that's colored me to be more optimistic and focused on output rather than input?

To be clear, I'm not very well read so some of these comments are completely lost on me, especially in regards to vonnegut

Wow I'd say that's analogous to giving a man a fish vs teaching him how to fish :p

I more meant to say "serving the information economy"

Fuck, youre right. Kinda got some definitions mixed up. I'll have to find the right word I meant to say.

@SuperFloppies Every time I learn something about the underpinnings of unix-like systems, I feel like I learn there's more layers than I initially think

I’m a Flat Earther (Spoiler: No I’m Not): bnolet.me/posts/2019/05/im-a-f

I actually started this one a few days ago but only got around to posting this today. Probably will post another this evening from yesterday


zim: zim-wiki.org/

cherrytree: giuspen.com/cherrytree/

Paperwork: paperwork.cloud/

Paperwork looks like the most interesting tbh though there's no mobile apps

@Matter o.o wtf

I really don't know how I haven't noticed this before

Has middle-click in a text box always been a hotkey for paste? :S

Just...oh my god the 80s


Apparently named one of the worst music videos of its time. I love it anyway

@kev @maloki That might be true for trauma but when it comes to dysfunction...I'm actually inclined to believe that the malleability of a child's mind might be better suited to adapt to, of course, *certain* dysfunction

@_mark Meh, you can at least revel in the days where MS actually cared about their operating systems as finished products

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