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Patreon: Hey, we know you live in Canada but you have to enter a US postal code for your CC.

Maybe context would help? I have the code in the screenshot below.

The /intended/ purpose is to take var contents, replace-regexp, and then write the modified buffer back to the var contents

It seems that the variable is never modified, but I don't know how to verify if contents originally had the strings I'm regexing anyway

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pol, pedophilia 

See this is one of my problems with today's political landscape. It's either all or nothing, it's cancel or you're complicit. I understand that people are scared and that some are even feeling guilty for wanting things to be other than they are, but this is not the solution. Yes this person lacks tact and /maybe/ this person could be a child molester, but that wouldn't ever mean that transgenderism is "about molesting children"

Link only for reference

Do any of you have a similar email template, or are particularly proud of YOUR email template? Post in this thread!

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