Tiny Skyline wallpaper generated thanks to @ashur's @tinyskylines bot located at: github.com/ashur/tinyskylines

Modify the last line to (300, 150, 20) for something more 1080p friendly.

🤔 Something doesn't seem right here...I just can't put my finger on it:

Had a warm welcome from some friends of my partner and I today and I have to say I had a wonderful time with them. Played cards against humanity and had lots of nice snacks and treats like these

Why, on an order over $20 would I have to specify which credit card I would be using? Especially why differentiate between MC and Visa?

Oh boy, so it looks like they just use the first option as the section header:

Please...tell me how many pieces I'll really be getting...

Beginning of a 2020 book reading challenge :D

26 books in a year, see if I can manage! :)

Under "List Completion" there will be a progress bar

The bar for "Borrowed vs. Owned" will show a percentage-based count of how many of the books I read were borrowed (from the library or from an individual) vs. those that I own or owned at the time of reading.

Other stats to include (maybe): Pages read total, Word count read total(estimate), and time taken to read (rounded to the 1/4 hour)

o.o when I purchased the original SSD I had for my desktop machine, SSDs were CA$106 for 120GB,

Today, I can get a full terabyte of space for just a little more than I paid back in the day 😮

What is the point of this? It's in the GNOME 3.34.1 and clicking the empty space does nothing:

So for some reason, the ventilation system at work is in overdrive right now. This is at the termination of the duct

Working on an intro article for Mastodon in light of the latest peak in signups

ARGH this was difficult, try to read the color of the letters in each word, not the word itself

This is the first semver-minor update that I've ever seen that is almost FOUR POINT FIVE gigs in size:

So...this is the brand new bridge that was just put up in Montreal

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