Hmm, quite similar in visual appearance. Definitely re-used libraries here. Good on MS for making re-useable code

Absolutely adorable that Mastodon started this reaction thing :)


Tiny Skyline wallpaper generated thanks to @ashur's @tinyskylines bot located at:

Modify the last line to (300, 150, 20) for something more 1080p friendly.

🤔 Something doesn't seem right here...I just can't put my finger on it:

Had a warm welcome from some friends of my partner and I today and I have to say I had a wonderful time with them. Played cards against humanity and had lots of nice snacks and treats like these

Why, on an order over $20 would I have to specify which credit card I would be using? Especially why differentiate between MC and Visa?

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Oh boy, so it looks like they just use the first option as the section header:

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Beginning of a 2020 book reading challenge :D

26 books in a year, see if I can manage! :)

Under "List Completion" there will be a progress bar

The bar for "Borrowed vs. Owned" will show a percentage-based count of how many of the books I read were borrowed (from the library or from an individual) vs. those that I own or owned at the time of reading.

Other stats to include (maybe): Pages read total, Word count read total(estimate), and time taken to read (rounded to the 1/4 hour)

o.o when I purchased the original SSD I had for my desktop machine, SSDs were CA$106 for 120GB,

Today, I can get a full terabyte of space for just a little more than I paid back in the day 😮

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