An employee's experience during first contact with YOUR workplace is important to do right, make them feel welcome and comfortable. Check out the latest episode of LiaisonX, where I talk about the importance of an onboarding process, starting with a personal story :)

What, did they recently join a Christian faith?

Aahh...the bitter frost...I did not miss you:

EEEP :D Response from boss's boss on the documentation and policies! I might get to do a presentation too!

Episode 21 of the LiaisonX podcast is FINALLY uploaded, a little late I know, but I got it done and that's what matters, right?

Tonight's episode is focused on open-sourcing a proprietary software project and what comes with that, in terms of being in the public eye.

I hope you enjoy and I'll be looking out for some criticism as I've gone way out on a limb for this one. A little outside of my comfort zone:

It's already finished but I'm still nervous sending this to my boss and his boss...

This is my first piece of "close to finished" work that I'm putting out there. It's essentially a piece of me that I'm putting out there to be judged by Administration. Wish me luck?

Software documentation (x-post from my Instagram)


Strange how this page rendered differently on diff tabs:

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I feel like this one was not written by someone who usually writes these. It may be because it's a Special Weather Statement rather than a warning or watch statement:

In WHAT FUCKING WORLD is the @ symbol "exotic"?????

Like...legit this is for an EMAIL SIGN UP FORM!

o.o All for $10 a month. If we take about a quarter of that, and assume that's all new music I've not listened to before, we have about 1,148 songs. Let's assume an average track number of 12. That's about 95 albums. At $12 an album, that comes to $1,148 a year, vs the $120 I paid.

Oh, how considerate of them. This malware is more accessible 👌

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