I don't love it. The new one looks absolutely high AF.

And oh God this coffee is so fucking good. And I'm not even making espresso with it!

ehh...I'll keep the dentist tools away from my face, thanks

uuhh...it's the exact same thing (only difference between the covers are that one seems to be packaged for sale in Canada (bilingual))

On emacswiki.org/emacs/MsWindowsI I see this whenever looking at "versions"...is there something wrong with my installation of FF or is this broken all over?

LTR: Spotify, VSCodium, Emacs, Firefox

3/4 free software...sounds about right :P

Network cabling draped across the metro/subway station I'm at. Terminated in the construction area

The balls these ones have to use someone else's intellectual(copyrighted) property for their financial gain:

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