No this is just creepy (cw: image contains an individual making eye contact)

gender bs 

How about we just stop this bullshit debate and just say that every situation is different. Firstly the heteronormativity is rampant with this one. Secondly, whoever pays for the day is up to the people on the fucking date. Let's stop enforcing these pointless norms.

Just leave people with their own goddamn agency. Paying for the date isn't magnanimous, it isn't even generous. It means fuck all in the grand scheme of things. Someone could pay for the date literally to just save time..

UA-RU conflict, Twitter trends 

loooooool Twitter being a troll. Writes their Trending in Russian and then includes only Kyiv Independent updates 😂

Wow... never thought I would be able to exploit a lack of sanitization to my benefit!

Anyone know why traceroute might have its own DNS cache or pull from a different cache than nslookup?

If only there were a more convenient way for everyone involved to answer these kinds of questions 🤔

Canonical needs to do *so* much better.

Questions focusing on high school, then questions regarding your engineering prowess too? Like... no.

Y'know, would be nice if you would to the release notes??

Twitter screenshot, trending topics 

This is the "Calli" that's trending

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Twitter screenshot, trending topics 

Anything and everything
All of the time - Bo Burnham

It baffles me that Spotify spends $100 million on Joe Rogan's podcast for an exclusivity deal and yet YouTube doesn't get the fucking clue that they should add a podcasts section to YouTube or YouTube music...


Slimy marketing practices, doordash 

This is an accessibility nightmare. The text can be difficult to read on the green button.

You could easily look super quick and think you're just confirming the unsubscribe action, thus resubscribing you to the marketing messages.

Parody, RU-UA Conflict 

I in no way support Russia's invasion, Putin's lies, and everything else going on in that situation. Russia's aggression is misplaces and unwarranted, in my opinion.

That said, this shit is stressing me out and sometimes to cope with stress, I try to paint the stressful thing in a ridiculous light. So I made a parody of one of my fave songs (right now) called Dominate Your Kind (Do It All The Time Parody). Lyrics below, with originals beside

It seems that "Query OCSP responder servers to confirm the current validity of certificates" setting in Firefox causes issues for loading some sites from time to time. Until you restart FF.

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