It's really just favourites but at the same time it's just like the registry in structure

*sprinkly bits in the air waving around with my hands* Magic

I had to move these five honkin chonkers today, big oof. Plus the rack. On my own, of course :P

And then finally I was stuck...I don't have a 20 amp circuit. Luckily for now we have a 15amp compatible APC UPS :D

So glad I changed my profile pic quite a while ago. I see more and more Linux folk using something similar to this one and I wanted something a bit more unique

Don't do this, Slack:

Just call it machine learning, not "science"

birdsite2: hellsite 

Harassment for context:

City McNumberFace over here

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As far as I can tell SHA256SUMS *should* be ignored here... but for some reason it's not?

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