Working on an intro article for Mastodon in light of the latest peak in signups

ARGH this was difficult, try to read the color of the letters in each word, not the word itself

This is the first semver-minor update that I've ever seen that is almost FOUR POINT FIVE gigs in size:

So...this is the brand new bridge that was just put up in Montreal

When your luggage is so big you can fit your second luggage in it

Too f***ing early to leave for a train to Quebec City. Gonna need a hefty coffee this morning no doubt

In Quebec City now! Haven't seen much yet but the apartment and really, I feel EXTREMELY lucky to be with this company. They've put me up in a straight up condo type thing, and it looks like this

I hope I don't flub this job!

Hmm, these unshielded twisted pairs look pretty familiar 🤔

Fancy night with the SO 💝 so happy to with my darling Alex, and it's been a treat tonight

RMS Disgustingness 

Triple "monitor" setup (top is the wall mounted TV) 👌👌 I can definitely get used to this

Shit like this pisses me off. I don't want your goddamn clippy-style patronization. History repeats itself.

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