Beautiful Friday morning folks :) take a moment to appreciate a close loved one. Maybe have dinner together if it's safe 🥰

So I commented the thing you see at the bottom of this screenshot on this dude's video. Link here:

And he proceeds to comb my YouTube channel to comment on three random Videos with what you see just above my comment in the screenshot.

But this dude's been in infosec for 10 years. Bravo

cursing, more of it, windows related 

Goddamnit Windows you royal fuck.

Sneak peak at the results of the Top 3 distro poll. Can anyone guess which distros actually got top three in all the results?

Note: The colors chosen are not mine

Aside: Amazon gives Trumpo flags as results for "nazi flag"

I REALLY enjoyed my vacation over the past few days. Probably the best vacation I've had in a long time.

[x] Download updates while installing

Install finished!

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

215 upgrades, 34 newly installed

The fuck.
Worst part is they force you to fill out a form collecting your information to watch the video.

side note: this doesn't look right...

Anyone have a clue how to fix this? It doesn't look like it's actually blocking anything like this...

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Throw back to 2017 where decided it was the place to have a video with @mike and others as part of (I believe) a patreon-only chat for... I can't remember if it was Fosstodon or Matt Hartley

here. What are yours? (spoiler: I'm looking to make fedi a nicer place to be :) )

Soundcloud, I don't need you to censor my email when I'm the one who just entered it...

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