It's easy to look at Wikipedia's success and then scoff at the donation requests made to the general public but we must remember that they have to support that success with servers, employees, and bandwidth.

Without ads, without selling your personal data, without any breach of their own terms of service, and then continue to innovate.

Consider making a donation

@brandon If you look at the relation between scale and operation costs wikipedia has... It's exponential. Not saying you shouldn't donate, just that they could use some efficiency...

@Matter Well consider that the ratio of number of articles vs. size of article database is exponential

Consider that number of articles vs. number of visitors is exponential

consider that number of visitors and size of article database is exponential

consider that the number of editors vs. size of article database exponential.

There are a ton of exponents in web hosting, those are just a few.

Not to mention the embed opportunities that are afforded

@brandon they're sitting on a pile of money. No real need to donate atm.

@thomas Because you stop paying money to the creators whose content you enjoy just because they already have money.

But please, provide a source and I'll concede to you this point because I understand where you're coming from. However, I would still ask people to consider making a donation

@brandon @thomas the thing is, they continue to grow and grow, start more projects and what not. And then all of a sudden they desperately need donations? How about building a stable financial foundation before expanding?

@Maltimore It's almost like they're an autonomous group of human beings that have sudden ideas or that make mistakes and miscalculate budgets

@thomas Do you have the english reference for this? Not saying it's invalid, just so I can better understand the data

@thomas It's certainly interesting to see that they're $92M in the bank. I'm unsure what the reason for still asking for donations is, but I wouldn't assume it's nefarious



Truth by Consensus is of no value. It's a great social engineering platform

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