@michal This seems to work in zsh on macOS as well

What's this supposed to do?


$ help hash
hash: hash [-lr] [-p pathname] [-dt] [name ...]
Remember or display program locations.
-r forget all remembered locations

It's a shell builtin, basically an optimization (cache) that saves command paths after resolving it in $PATH, so that it doesn't have to look it up every time.

"hash -r" clears that cache and forces a full $PATH lookup. Useful when you remove a command "earlier" in $PATH and want to use a version "later" in $PATH.

@michal Thank you! That actually resolved it!

Not sure why not having python linked there meant that zsh couldn't find python, but then with it linked to the python3 binary, it would default to xcode-select --install'ing

Can confirm it works on macOS with zsh

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