@kev @mike Following the five-year anniversary, I have a few questions! Might be worth collecting some more for a blog post or two :)

1. Is there a point where, with enough recurring funds, you guys would be interested in being a little more prescriptive with the way donations are made? eg: These funds are being donated with a request that XYZ feature be implemented in ABC software.

2. What are the plans for the future of Fosstodon? Branching out to host an instance of Pixelfed? Starting 1/2


@kev @mike a Wiki? Organizing an in person event? What are some ideas on the backburner that you two have had lately?

3. What are some things that have happened in your lives that couldn't have happened if Fosstodon hadn't been around?

4. Has your presences in Fosstodon changed the way you look at things in and around the FOSS community?

5. If you two were starting Fosstodon today, what would be something you would do differently?

@brandon These are good questions, and I think they need some thought. Also, I don't look forward to trying to squeeze these answers into a toot or 20. I think I'll put together an answer post on my blog for them. Kev has already done an AMA, and I might take the opportunity of Fosstodon's 5th anniversary to do the same. If there are others that have questions like yours I can throw them all into one big post.


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