I name all my computers and servers based on gods from a variety of mythologies.

How do you name yours?

@Phate6660 @brandon "server", "router", etc.
I'm not a fun person.

@brandon I don't lol. But if I did it would be "new phone", "new pc", etc.

@brandon Nearest I really had to a scheme was planets from the Firefly 'verse; these days it's a mixture of corvid names and stuff from sci-fi that relates to the job (eg: main data server is Scarif).

@brandon Excellent guess, although I've not used Jackdaw yet; have used Magpie though.

@davep Haha Raven was too easy but I didn't realize there are so many birds in the Corvidae family!

I wonder if they all equally look like clowns to other birds :P

@brandon I name them after dinosaurs. Retired names include stegosaur, viavenator, and pyroraptor.

@keith :D Ouu, I like that one!

I had a feeling I wasn't the only one with a theme to my naming schemes!

@brandon it's easier than coming up with a name every time. I just pick one from Wikipedia's list of dinosaurs. Usually I look for some kind of mnemonic. For example viavenator was a router - everything goes via the router.

@brandon I name mine based of monsters. My big server is Behemoth, my file server that sits underneath everything else is Leviathan, and I have a cluster of smaller servers named hydra{0..4}. When I build a new desktop I'll probably name it after a hero like Hercules

@kai OUUUU this one's good! Especially if you have a cloud infra 👌

@brandon I let the installer gods take the wheel on this one

@gregandcin D: You heathen!

"Alright, I'm past the firewall, what's the target's hostname"


"Sorry, what? This is a sci-fi movie, don't you have something cooler?"

"I mean I could hack the DNS server and put something cool? 🤷 "

@brandon I name mine after Hitchhiker's Guide characters. "zaphod", "marvin", "prefect", and "arthur" are currently in use. zaphod is my laptop, and is called that because it's a hub for zany and wacking shenanigans( a lot of experimentation), marvin is my server(it's a large computer, and should work like a robot), prefect and arthur are just randomly named for now.

@brandon bean, potato, leek, onion, tomato, ect. Vegetable names for stuff that runs on my own hardware, fruit names for cloud/vps

@Graycot Gosh, you folks are all FASCINATING, I like the creativity :D

@brandon I name mine after music I like. I use artist names, album names and most often song/track names

@brandon just random words and names. I have had computers called Rontti (name of neighbour's cat), Eevertti (finnish form of Edward I think) and Mursu (walrus) and phone called Murikka (chunk of rock).

@brandon Characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic :D

If I had to change it would be celtic folklore.

@brandon Funnily enough, after you.

Or, okay, that came out wrong. I name my computers after characters and places from Brandon Sanderson's works. I'm typing this onto Navani (machine primarily used for science) My server is urithiru (place which stores knowledge), though it's being moved into a VM running on stump (old and cranky but goodhearted), my PC.

My Thinkpad is Bluth (big thug who wants to be more), my other thinkpad is Stormblessed (wastes power), my rpi is shallan (used for art)...

@brandon Physicists. In the past I had Edison, Archimedes, Planck, Einstein, and so on. Currently Hertz and Tesla are sticking around. This includes servers like a Raspberry Pi, but currently excludes mobile devices.

Side note: I'm a nerd for many years, but I don't have many devices, really, as I try to use them until I really can't avoid a hardware upgrade anymore.

External storage is philosophers. I bought two external hard disks of the same kind some years ago. Platon outlived Sokrates. :)

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