Curfew, prohibition on private gatherings, and closing of dining rooms in restaurants and bars... here we go again...

@kai I agree with it as far as saving the sanity of those working in the hospitals. I could only imagine how heartbroken some surgeons were when they had to cut the surgery wait list in half just to free up beds for COVID patients. But I think the govt could do a lot of other things to help reduce the spread without imposing restrictions on everyone.

@kai Like putting a moratorium on rent hikes. Lots of families having to double up in small apartments meaning that a given "family bubble" has the potential to infect more than if they were living separately.

Instilling tax deferral allowances for essential worker companies. Instilling a hazard "loan" on top of hazard pay for hospital workers to retain more, and hire students in their later years of medical study on a sort of internship kind of contract.

@kai That's kind of the point. A lot of the measures put in place are so goddamn surface-level that they barely get to the root of the problem. And because the restrictions have been in place for so long, people are more willing to skirt them in the first place. So why have them? So the well-meaning and goody-goody folks can suffer even more than those who will willingly flout public health advisories?

@brandon I know I have covid brain because when my cousin tested positive, my first thought wasn't "I hope she's OK!" but rather, "I wonder who got it from her" 😅

@kai Well considering that in a majority of people there are either no symptoms or very mild ones, that's probably a proper reaction.

I wonder how long it's gonna be before they can sick some AI on the COVID patient data to analyse correlations between demos and severity of infection. To get more precise metrics on what types of people are most at risk aside from immunocompromised and elderly folk

Once we get to that point, I think everyone will rest assured

@brandon Locally, 3/4 of hospitalized patients have not been vaccinated. And I read that people who are obese are 3X as likely to be hospitalized with covid, a risk level similar to not being vaccinated. So if that 1/4 of people who are hospitalized and vaccinated are also obese, there's the whole story, right? No judgement; I'm not exactly Mr. Healthy Weight myself.

I'm sure the numbers don't work out that perfectly but maybe closing gyms isn't a wonderful idea. I'd like to know the real risk.

@kai Definitely not the whole story. Hospitalized could mean that you had trouble breathing, that you're having tingling or numbness on your scalp, that you're confused or "out of it" following getting COVID. It could be a myriad of things. Sure obesity is a risk factor but if some folks who are not immunocompromised, not of chronic illness, are vaccinated, and not elderly or obese end up in the ER because of COVID? Well then that just breaks the theory completely.

@kai It's hard to come up with things that don't cost the taxpayers more when already there are less taxes being paid lol

@g I should be okay for the most part. Honestly the health that's most at risk for me is my mental health :/ I live alone so it's a little difficult to be isolated a lot like this

@brandon :/ that is one way the fediverse may be able to help, you can feel connected to others (or more isolated depending on what's posted).

@g I try to not spend too much time on social media, regardless of the platform. I just find it screws too much with my dopamine system

@brandon that's probably for the better. I hope you are finding things to do that keep you away from the news.

@g I'm getting better at it, slowly. I just got back into gaming with Halo Infinite. I have a few thoughts on the game that I might want to write about, or maybe just post a throwaway opinion on here about lol

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