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I'm trying to diagnose why a set of virtual windows machines freeze often. Unfortunately I don't have access to the VM's screen when it freezes so I have to rely on the logs and whatnot.

I was about to use WinDbg to dig into a BSOD memory.dmp, having not done this before. I connected to the remote machine's disk via explorer and I opened the file...and WinDbg just frooze, for a while.

I was confused...then I saw that the file I was trying to open over the network is 4.4GB 🤦‍♂️

job troubleshooting 

FYI, when you are an admin of your own machine but you want to open powershell as another admin user do this:

1. Navigate to the powershell.exe
2. Hold shift and right-click the exe
3. Run as different user
4. Enter creds for other user
5. In the PS window, enter `start-process Powershell -verb runas`

You'll get a UAC prompt and then the new window will be an elevated powershell with your other user. Confirm with `whoami`

job troubleshooting 

Another protip,

`cd \Users\jdoe` works just fine ;)

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