@brandon with 2FA I'd even feel comfortable enough to give SSH a subdomain so I don't leave traces of my IP on any computer I remote from

@brandon lmao. I was remote in from an AWS server on my browser then I suddenly had a huge spike of work and while I was doing that, the AWS page froze and I ended up locking myself out of my home server xP

@brandon Well I toyed with it more because it turned out for the Password and Verification Code, it was a different token for both of those instead of my password and a token
So the other day I locked myself out from even my trusted devices. lol
I've just been too lazy to fix it yet cause the services I use on it are all running fine. lol

@brandon isn't a public key with passphrase 2FA? It requires something you have (your private key) and something you know (the passphrase)

@arielcostas Having an auth code being needed to be typed in addition would mean that an attacker, even with a keylogger, would have a very small time frame to be able to sniff and use your credentials, I believe.

@brandon Now that I'm home, I went back and fixed it and got it working :D

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