Hey folks, what’s your favorite story from work to tell?

@brandon I got an email. Well, first I got a phone call, telling me about the email that was sent regarding the email system being down.

They said this all without pausing to reflect.

@nathand @brandon I thought this was about to be a Tom Scott video for a second.

@nathand *sighhhh*

I do this all the time on purpose. "Hey Jeff we should Zoom the sysadmins, maybe they'll know how to fix the broken internet in the office"

*Jeff turns to his computer, then slowly turns back then tells me, "You're a dick"*

@brandon In a team meeting a coworker once asked about someone at the company and Mike responded "He's no longer with us". He was let go.

Another time the same employee said during a chat about slipping on ice. "Be careful where you step out there. I took a dump in the parking lot last week!" I almost died and nobody else caught on

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