Today was a really nice time with my colleagues :) I barely got anything done but I feel like there was quite a bit of bonding that happened today :)

It's hard to feel like you're part of a team when being a team was previously normalized to mean being physically present together.

So I'm super grateful to have this sort of hybrid lifestyle (together and apart physically, but still working on the same things) to give me a transition to a more open mind. Also grateful to have the opportunity

@brandon when I went back to the office it almost felt like cheating for the fact I got maybe 3 hours of work done in a 9h day. The rest was chitchat and running around.

But i think I got tuned to the remote work way where there is little interruption and you can get your head down for hours on end. Even when someone is chewing your ear off on the phone you can continue working.

At least that's how it is for me. If you have a house full of screaming kids that's probably going to be different.

@fedops Exactly, that's the thing! I know that I started developing this really unhealthy habit of working on other things while in pretty much every remote meeting that I was attending, and now from the office when I do that, I feel like it's inappropriate.

As well, the whole chatting with others on non-meeting related topics in the zoom chat, that has to go when you're in person (at least when you're also with others in the same room while some are remote)

@fedops But this is something I'm trying to explain to some colleagues that at least at my company, social interaction is encouraged. We're a very collaborative bunch and sure, there will be a lot more chattiness at the beginning but we're all able to say "alright, I need to get to work on XYZ"

@brandon yes! And I firmly believe the watercooler chats are really valuable.

@fedops I think it's honestly the only way to get visibility for your team and into someone else's team without it looking like you're trying to get something from them.

I've talked to my boss about "making friend in high places" and he's all for it, even if it means impacting productivity just a bit

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