I love how infinitely useless the Touch Bar has been on the MacBook Pro

@brandon apple makes dumb missteps and unforced errors all the time but the touch bar has to be one of the worst

didn’t help they introduced butterfly switches at the same time so it was like hey! a worthless keyboard from top to bottom!

@warriorstar Much like any other company but yeah god that was a stupid decision.

I fucking hated that keyboard and I'm so glad that at least when I decided to get a MacBook Pro, it was after that whole bratty teenager phase happened.

@brandon I've never used one but I think my biggest problem as a vi user would be the lack of an actual ESC key.

@fedops Oh my god seriously, that above all was the worst part, not having an ESC key. Thankfully the new model that (unfortunately) still has the Touch Bar has a separate and physical ESC key

@brandon I hear it's a better typing experience also. I wouldn't mind my employer issuing those instead of the awful lenovo windows junk we're getting.

@fedops It's a much better typing experience. The experience was so horrid on the older model that a visible writer, Taika Waititi, used part of his post-Oscar win interview to complain about their keyboards XD

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