Fun fact: If you have automatic login enabled on a user that has password expiration policies set, and you let the pwd expire...Ubuntu just won't boot

@brandon I'm guessing this fact is a lot less fun that you made it out to be. Unless you're one of Those People who like to fix obscure problems.

@proactiveservices it was interesting and satisfying to fix but it was hella annoying because like…Ubuntu just doesn’t tell you when this is a problem, and it seems that GDM doesn’t have a way to deal with this

@brandon Ah, probably some weird error loop, where it tries to log in, but can't.

Interesting problem. I never liked autologin.

@nathand it didn’t even loop! GDM just… hanged and didn’t actually start the GUI.

It was the same as having just a blank screen with an infinitely blinking cursor at the top

@brandon I guess NIST is American, but they no longer recommend password expiration. Maybe the C-IST still does? 😋

@kai NIST isn’t SOC2 and changing the SLAs with clients… is not easy

@brandon ctrl-alt-f2 and login on vty? It should tell you the password has expired and prompt for a new one if memory serves correctly

@simon That was the strangest thing, I couldn’t get into another VTY, the other VT was just wouldn’t give me a login prompt

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