When you haven't touched an unfinished project for so long you have to re-read your code in its entirety just to understand what the heck is going on

@brandon this happens, but at least you wrote plenty of good comments right 🤔

@riddian yeah, I’ve got some comments but nowhere near enough comments. The issue in this round as well has to do with the fact that I didn’t document what was left to be done in the project :/

@brandon oh right, yeah I guess a todo list is a must for those long untouched projects 😅

@brandon This is one of the things that puts me off seriously trying to learn a language.

@greenpete the thing is, if you do this enough times, it gets easier to jump back into something. But it gets worse the longer you’re out of it

@brandon Yes.
I have used Blender many times over the years and each time is months since the last, and yes, it is easier each time.
But of course the longer I leave it the less I remember!
I guess somethings you have to commit your self to, like complicated things! 🤣

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