Let’s try this again, why is it written publish instead of toot? Why is it written reblog instead of boost? Why are the replies in this weird rectangle thing? Also, why can I not just save as draft if something is not posting?


By the way, this is the official app for mastodon on iOS

Which apparently isn’t really meant for Mastodon? It’s basically just twitter but for Mastodon servers? github.com/mastodon/mastodon-i

Idk what he’s going on about with random usage tests and people being confused about geographic locations with servers being a “new concept”.

Like I understand that some folks aren’t really technologically inclined but I don’t think the solution is to limit usage and discovery entirely.

Aww crap I forgot that replying with the visibility set to public on my own toot STILL posts to the local timeline.

@brandon @Gargron made a decision to do it that way. I use @tootapp for mine. No drafts (yet?) though.

@nathand @Gargron @tootapp this legitimately just feels like a tumblr app shoehorned to fit into Mastodon.

@nathand I’ll see if I can find something more suited to my needs

@nathand I THINK that Metatext for iOS is going to suit my needs better. I wish it had a less dark theme but this will do just fine :)

@brandon @nathand Metatext is by far the best Mastodon app on iOS.

@nathand @brandon Maybe we'll add drafts. But publish/reblog are true to the original Mastodon.

@brandon The local timelines are absolutely essential for how I use and engage in the Fediverse.

@brandon As someone who's new to mastodon I've been a little ambivalent since I first read about this.

Where I have no particular attachment is the terminology, in fact, I think "toot" is pretty silly. Where I grew up it's not just the noise a train makes, it's a euphemism for "fart." Something an elderly woman might say when she has gas.

@b6hydra I mean I’m not particularly attached to the word itself but moreso attached to the idea of having a consistent use case and interface across platforms. If you’re still gonna have “toot” on the web interface, why change that on the iOS app?

@brandon @b6hydra totally agree on consistency. As for the whole “local” timeline thing, if it’s confusing to new users, find a way to introduce it with terminology so it isn’t confusing. Don’t abandon it, it’s useful.

@brandon I also get the point about the various instances and timelines confusing new people. I did a bit of research about mastodon before signing up on my instance but that's me. Should we expect everyone to do homework before signing up for social media? I can see a _lot_ of people being turned off by joining a random server, not liking what they see, and thinking that represents all of mastodon. His goal here, like it or not, seems to be getting more users.

That said, I'm glad this is just how that one app represents things and that it doesn't represent broader changes to mastodon as a whole. For now anyway..

@b6hydra I think Mastodon complements the other platforms, moreso than replacing them. There’s a place for Twitter to exist alongside Mastodon.

I think of it like using Wordpress vs Write.as. One has more options, is a little more flexible. The other is simplistic and is built for you to just get going right away. There is choice in the matter folks should be self aware enough to know when they might need to do a bit more research. My two cents, and sure not everyone has the time

@b6hydra to do that research but then those folks can stick to twitter and wait for a more opportune time. I don’t think many will make a good experience out of using the Mastodon app when just signing up anyway… it’ll be boring and it’ll end up hindering more than helping imo

@brandon I'm also a little confused about what will happen if the new app actually catches on. Will there be two groups of users, maybe even some people on the same server, who experience mastodon in vastly different ways? That seems even weirder.

@brandon I'm on android so I can't test it, but yea if it's as twitter-y as it sounds it's probably very boring. In that case why not just stay with twitter? The privacy argument always falls on deaf ears anyway.

@b6hydra @brandon Federated social networking is not that complicated, and you probably use something just like it every day: email. It's decentralized, and anyone can host a server. Sure, not everyone should have to set up their own email server, but most people don't. Big service hosts like Gmail allow any idiot to create an account and start sending and receiving email. No, there is no "official" email app. Yes, you are still expected to figure it out.


>It's basically twitter but for Mastodon servers

Hey I'm just here because of the AGPL licensed code, I'm fine if there are some parts of the ecosystem that are more like Twitter :)

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