@brandon that's a very good question which I don't ask myself nearly often enough.

@brandon I was listening to Ezra Klein talk about how technology effects our lives. I was thinking that if I spent as much time as I spend on social media reading books instead, I would probably get a lot more out of it.

The problem is that books are not designed for bite-sized consumption.

@kai Maybe, then the key is to find yourself large swaths of time in which to consume books

@brandon @kai or get in the habit of reading a book.

I have sort of gotten into the habit of reading before I go to sleep. I started with only a few page and I kept increasing it until I notice it's a few hours later.

@g @brandon I read plenty, and in fact I like to watch Thai TV before bed, a strange habit which is shaping my entire life in unpredicted ways right now 😅

I was more commenting on the relative demerit of social media, and yet how much time and attention it gets from me, i.e., right now. 😅

@brandon that is a great question!

One that we should always ask ourself.

@g I try to ask myself this at least once a day, and the results are almost always interesting, and can often lead to me realizing that I hold a bias or an opinion without justification

@brandon now that I see what you're getting it, I'm reminded of a guy who lives in Thailand. When he goes to the park with his wife and son, they each pay $1 because they are Thai, but he pays $8 because he's a westerner, even though he is married and has lived in Thailand for 20 years.

This makes him *so* angry, but his wife just says, "you go stand over there. I'll pay."

She doesn't care; she just wants to go enjoy the park with her family.

I try to conjure her calm when I'm frustrated.

@brandon exactly!

Or you will stop caring about what others do (usually that's completely out of your control).

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