The Apple Ecosystem Envy is strong right now...

@angristan push me over the edge :p I've been "optionally" in the ecosystem before, but what do you think would push someone on the edge would be?

@brandon @angristan let me push you over the edge (in the right direction): macOS will literally ask Apple for permission by uploading a hash every time you want to execute executables... for "security"

@artectrex @angristan as if Android and Windows don't already do that? (Yes, I know Linux doesn't)

@brandon @angristan android doesn't send something to google every time you open an app. Maybe the Play Services do, but I don't even think so

@brandon @angristan and windows doesn't do that either (although they might send it later, possibly)

@artectrex @angristan if Windows Defender isn't deactivated, it does during the virus scan at the very least, and will when you run an app each time its files modified

@artectrex @angristan perhaps not every time you open an app, but certainly every time it scans with Play Protect

@brandon @angristan you can scan with your phone by right clicking some blank finder space. I think that is neat as hell. AirPods move seamlessly between devices. Easy password sync. Intelligent tracking protection and if you’re a security wonk, the read only OS stuff is neat.

@nathand @angristan not sure I follow on the right clicking to scan? Could you elaborate?

@nathand ahh that's interesting 🤔 I usually either use NextCloud to sync that or just send directly from an app on my phone if that's necessary, but I think that's very useful regardless

@brandon Like any other big tech ecosystem. In fact, I'd lie if I didn't say that I'm kind of excited for the June 24th reveal of "The next generation of Windows".

Doesn't hurt to watch them strategically, though! It's often good to "know your enemy".

@katakislives I would hesitate to say that Windows isn't necessarily my enemy at this point :/ Unfortunately my use-case for a while hasn't been playing well with Linux...I had to abandon ship for a while. But I still maintain the beliefs I have about Linux being superior at what it's good at :)

@brandon I see. I wouldn't question that Linux is worse than Windows in some important fronts, anyways, but beyond any arguments that it's better to be free from any strains than to be subject to any abuse whatsoever, it is my hope that Linux will eventually overtake Windows. In fact, even though I'm excited about the June 24th event, I'm not as excited as I was back when Windows 10, 8, 7 or even Vista were announced. If anything, that speaks to me of how times are changing.

@katakislives that is my hope as well. It would be nice to know that the dominant desktop platform was one that respected your privacy and preferences rather than resetting them every feature update. But unfortunately right now I have more lost time in Linux than windows :(

I'm not even that excited about the June 24th event tho lol. It'll be nice to see but I'm not really expecting any innovations.

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