I legitimately thought that Safari's new Tab Groups feature was old news. It turns out that it's not and that built-in, neither FF nor Chrome have this feature

Though I seem to remember something on Firefox that did something similar 🤔

Clarification: Chrome and FF tab groups don't sync across devices, nor can you save them for coming back to them later

@brandon Maybe? Or their UI/Discoverability was so poor that no one knew how to use it.

Honestly, I don't see this being used either. It's easier to discover, though, so who knows...

@binyamin @brandon Huh, I didn't even know that was available... I use collections, but tab groups seems neat.

@brandon not sure. I don't usually use a different computer.

@binyamin It looks like collections do indeed sync. Wow, somehow Microsoft beat Google and Apple to the punch on this (with Edge being based on Chromium)

@brandon I remember a browser having this feature. Wasn't it Vivaldi?

@brandon Yes, it was Vivaldi. They grouped tabs in 2019 already

@fatboy But can you re-open these tab stacks and do they sync across to the mobile versions of the browser?

@brandon @fatboy You can definitely save them (as "sessions"). Don't know about sync, since I don't use it.
@brandon no.
file/save open tabs as session
and its brother
file/open saved session

The save open tabs works by default over all windows, saving all their tabs (including tabgroups). But you can tick a checkbox to only save the tabs of the active window. And since you can easily move a tabgroup to a new window, that is a quick way to save one or more tabgroups as a named session.
You can have many such sessions saved, not just the state of the browser on shutdown.
@brandon Looking through the settings, apparently you can assign a keyboard shortcut to an action called "save selected tabs as session", so the step of moving them to a new window is not needed.
And the same action exists in the right-click menu on tabs.

In the sync settings, there is nothing regarding "saved" sessions specifically , except for "Typed History and Remote Sessions"... Is that the same thing???
@brandon I just created a test_session and then found a test_session.bin file in c:\users\\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\<profile>\Sessions\
So you could try syncing those files using some other mechanism.

@SnowIsCold2002 No, none of this really touches on the way that tab groups will work on Safari.

From what I understand:

Individual tab groups can be synchronized and revisited without having to close and reopen a browser, and each tab group's tabs will be synchronized regardless of the session it was a part of. And all of this is built into the browser without having to rely on setting up an additional system via files in the filesystem

@fatboy @brandon The old opera (the good one) also used to be able to do it really well, I used to use it quite a bit.

@fatboy @brandon Yes, Vivaldi (chromium based) has had tab grouping for years.

@brandon you can group tabs in Chrome on Android

@kai You can also on Chrome on Desktop, but I don't believe that you can sync that across devices. Heck, you can't even save those groups (at least on Desktop)

@brandon I just made one on my desktop, so when I turn on my phone, I'll find out if it's there 😋

@brandon my desktop tab group didn't sync to mobile. I'll try desktop to desktop next.

@nattukaran Seems like a half baked feature from some quick testing

@brandon You can group tabs on FF mobile as well on android

@nattukaran Yes, but you can't save them, nor transfer them across devices

@rudolf Bromite can't work half the sites I use, it crashes often unfortunately

@brandon Chrome should have the feature. I use brave browser, based on Chrome and have been using tab groups for a while now

@andrewebdev they exist, but you can't save them, and AFAIK they don't sync across devices

@brandon If only Safari would implement containers like Firefox and I would actually consider using it.

@WhoNeedszZz When you block all third-party cookies, is containers really necessary? Or is it moreso about being able to use a website without having to block third-party cookies?

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