Not feeling well, feeling depressed. Feeling like I want to do everything but also have no willingness to do anything at all. "Welcome to my life my partner says", idk how to feel

@sanchez I don't like this feeling..I'm sure I'm not the first one to dislike it of course, part of why I feel weird sharing this.

Like...if so many else are experiencjng this...why bother expressing myself? "What else is new?" Right?

@brandon I guess it's kinda defensive move. I also don't like this feeling and don't want it so I'm sharing it to let world know that I need some support. I mean, Fosstodon is a great "place" where many inpiring and caring people that can pull you out of this (even without really trying!).

@sanchez I can definitely attest to that. There's been timez when someone else posts something similar to what I did earlier that I and others have tried to help cheer up...I'm glad that there are folks here to help cheer me up

@brandon If possible, you should take a long break. But it has to be an actual break and not filling up your break with stressful activities. Maybe set some reasonably small goals.

@mmstick what would some non stressful goals look like to you?

@brandon First and foremost, you have to not fret about time or lack of accomplishment with it. Setting some simple goals can help with getting the sense of accomplishment without adding to your stress.

For me, that may sometimes be putting time in a personal project, or stepping away from the computer entirely and doing something else. Outdoor activities like gardening or cycling. Or spending time indoors cooking, cleaning, and organizing.

Sleep is honestly the most important goal, though.

@mmstick well, last year I didn't get much biking in and I promised myself I would at least do more this year. Good place to start you think?

I'm trying to track my sleep with my smart watch but it seems to only capture hour after my sleep, not sure why, but I seem to be getting consistent 6-7 hours

@brandon I think the most important thing is having a routine. Going to bed early and waking up earlier to give yourself enough time to fully wake up before the day starts.

If you have to, all natural sleeping pills can be a great help for those of us who simply think too much. I've been taking BetterSleep for a couple months now with great success. Makes it easier to get into the habit, or prevent my routine from getting skewed when I stray from the path.

@mmstick I have something like this pill but I just use on the shelf melatonin tablets. I realized, however that I got the wrong ones and have to cut mine into a quarter to prevent grogginess during the next day :P

I do want to start getting up earlier, however. I noticed, specifically this morning, that when I get a calm slow start, the rest of the day is smooth sailing and I feel better equipped to tackle what the day throws at me.

Drinking my coffee on the balcony reading news *chef kiss*

@brandon Depression is a hell of a fight. I would know.

Take some time off and don't do anything. Enjoy just being.

@nathand this is what I been trying to do since I been in this funk but then I get this pang that tells me that I'm not being productive, that I have to work on something, make some forward movement or else I'm stagnating

@brandon you can do anything, but not everything

@kai everything is more like...all the projects I'm working on, but I get what you're saying

@brandon which one would have the biggest positive impact on your life? Take the next step on it…but maybe tomorrow after you have had some rest and food, unless there's something else bothering you, in which case address that instead. 🤓

@brandon I have experienced this a lot myself. Right now what is working for me is choosing one or two things to focus on after work each day, and treating it as if that is the only project/thing in existence to work on. It's kind of like putting your mind into a vm that only has one project installed.

If you ever wanna just chat with somebody going through similar feelings, feel free to reach out. You'll get through this! 😄

Hope something here helps.

@wesley hmmm...ignoring that other projects exist...don't know why I hadn't thought of that before. Thank you for the suggestion, I feel better today but still not 100%, so I'll try your trick tonight

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