What are ya'll doing this weekend?

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@Karen5Lund Oh nice! I hope I can find some time to do this myself :)

@brandon We had a lovely walk (despite it being a little too hot). This egret followed us for much of our walk--at least, I think it was the same bird.


@brandon Playing with my kid, may be knock off some items from my todo, playing with my kid, catch up on TV shows, playing with my kid, finish that book I have been reading for a month and getting nowhere and playing with my kid.

@thumb What are you reading? And sounds like you enjoy playing with your kid :) I'm glad you get to spend a lot of time with him

@brandon I am happy to indulge her 😊. And oh I am re-reading Opt Out by @RoryPrice. The theme is very similar to the book you are writing.

@brandon Maybe play some games and complete a journalism crash course! πŸ’‘

@floppy @brandon It's a just 2 hr training course by Reuters :) The overview of the program was quite interesting, and I'd love to know more.

@soul_predator Ouu what games? And interesting, what's piqued your interest in this crash course?

@brandon Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Well, I've been writing for tech publications for a few years now without any journalism/communication degree. Time to improve and learn a few more things, technically :)

This course is just the start πŸ˜ƒ

@brandon I'm doing a lot of self-organised work these times. So on weekdays I try really hard to set myself and stick to boundaries between work time and relax time. Which is not always easy. So the weekends these times are for not planning a lot.

Maybe looking at the desk dedicated to unfinished projects and seeing what takes my fancy spontaneously.

@floppy I hear you! It's difficult to not want to spend personal time to catch up on things at work, especially when working from home

@brandon Yes indeed!

What are you up to this weekend?

@brandon as usual try to spend some time on my hobby projects

@brandon Watching the stanley cup playoffs on saturday and maybe go kayaking on sunday

@brandon The most prestigious sports trophy that is awarded to the NHL Hockey team that wins the playoffs

It's great because unlike most other sports, there is only one Stanley cup and the winning team gets to keep it during the off season and gives it back for the next season.

@rridley So, I do know about the Stanley Cup (I was pulling your leg) but I didn't know that there was only one and that you literally have to pass it from team to team. I wonder if it's ever broken

@brandon I don't know if its ever been totally broken but i saw it after my team won it last year and it has clearly been dropped and dinged a few times but I think that adds to the charm

My wife also got to drink champagne out of it way back when Detroit won it last

@rridley Oof that champagne drinking experience kinda sours with COVID, no?

@brandon i wouldn't say it sours it, it was many years ago - long before COVID

@brandon got some work around the house to do, but hoping to have time to setup a box.

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