Something about the "allowed" screenshots makes me feel like something is off here:

As if this isn't actually about protecting the customer but actually is about killing competition in terms of advertising networks? Instead of the tracking going to a collective of companies (where the data was shared between entities anyway), it's all being funnelled through Apple at this point.

Am I far off? Did I get this totally wrong? I'll have to sleep on it.

@brandon Apple probably wants a bigger piece of the ad dollars. But this should help end users, at least in the short term. It doesn’t solve the real problem. Advertisers can get away with paying pennies, while publishers have to put lots of ads to make any profit, a situation where ad tech thrives.

Till someone comes up with a different model besides subscription and tipping, this problem will always exist.

@1ll173r47 @brandon I agree it doesn’t solve the problem but watching Apple tighten its grip on every scrub in the advertising business is.. immorally enjoyable. I try not to wish ill on things but part of me hopes this really ruins some adcorp suits day. 😂

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