Periodic PSA for IT folk: Don't berate the users you support for not knowing something. Do not make them feel lesser for making mistakes.

Did you know/realize that their experience with you supporting them can also colour their personal experience with computers?

Take the time to explain what's gone wrong and *if* the problem turns out to be user, brush it off as an "easy mistake" for anyone to make and continue to explain how to do the thing the right way.


As an aside:

I like to thank users for their patience whenever I encounter a ticket that takes particularly long to solve, regardless of what the reason for delay was (back and forth between teams, high load of tickets, waiting on a vendor, etc). It shows that you take their problems seriously and that you appreciate having the opportunity to resolve their issue without being pestered.

This applies even to those who actually pester you too. Be the example, show them care. It can be paid fwd

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