Am I the only one who thinks it's weird when folks use some humanoid avatar that looks nothing like them when being like a YouTube influencer or whatever?

Like, all media surrounding X person depicts a woman(banner, profile picture, twitter profile picture, Facebook profile picture, etc) yet the person clearly identifies as a man. Idk, just seems like someone trying to capitalize on the "I clicked because woman"

@brandon Probably because it works, I have my dog as an avatar because I realised most people just respond better and kinder to it for some reason.

@sotolf I mean that's a different story, I would say.

I'm talking about folks who are literally making money off of their branding

@brandon @sotolf That's why I have a stylized picture of me pretending to be Ron Swanson. It turns people off and they leave me alone

@MrDers @sotolf I had a feeling that's what you were going for but never had the courage to ask :P

@urusan @brandon yeah, I did it at work as well, everyone else have professional photos and I just have a dog :p but if much rather look at it than my ugly mug :p

@brandon I come from the early days of the internet and internet gaming where everyone is a man unless proven otherwise, regardless of what your avatar looks like.


@matt Repeated situations where I was like "oh nice! This is a girl who created this" have sort of trained that out of me. I've tried to just, gender, it seems like peripheral information at this point

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