If you're using any Chromium-based browser and wonder why tabs that previously had to be open for "connection keepalive" purposes are no longer refreshing when they should, it's because of the introduction of throttling on Javascript timers.

1. In your browser, visit the page chrome://flags (copy and paste into your URL bar)

2. Search for Throttle javascript timers

3. Disable the option

4. Restart your browser

@brandon Does pinning the tab also work? (It does on Firefox.)

@wizzwizz4 i wasn't aware that FF was throttling JS timers like this already 🤔

Opening the tab on Cr-based in a new window works, even if it's incognito, but I'm not sure about the pinning, that will have to be tested (and unfortunately this was something I discovered at my job with someone in another dpt having to test it for me)

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