Gonna be setting up email alerts on my self-hosting machine this weekend. Any suggestions?

@brandon Signal-cli is another option. I think there's one for Telegram too.

@malin Ouu, I *would* like getting alerts over Signal for my backups having completed :) Or basically anything that's just a status update

@malin Argh signal only allows a single device to be registered meaning since I don't have any other numbers to register an account with, well that's too bad. Telegram maybe

@brandon Oh yea, seemed odd. In my area sim cards are about €2, so I just picked up a bespoke number when I did my setup.

@malin Ahh yeah we don't have that luxury here in Canada afaik :(

@brandon If you don't absolutely need it over email Gotify is a great option for notifications on Android and desktop

@karmanyaahm It doesn't strictly have to be over email but I *would* like to have it using an existing communication framework.

I'm looking at signal-cli for the moment but I'm not sure how I'll swing that, considering that I have to use my own signal account to message myself in that case

@karmanyaahm That being said, I like having a web-ui I can go to to check up on things. Idk, I'm conflicted, but thank you for the suggestion

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