Folks, make sure you don't just create accounts and then never use them again without deleting them.

1. There's likely to be some personal data in there and deleting the account decreases the likelihood that a future hack reveals that info.

2. It makes changing your primary email that much easier. It's already taken me a collective time of several days just going through the process of switching primary emails so I can delete my existing Google account

@brandon oh boi, the memories of services that don't have a proper account deletion process

@bredlof Oh you mean like Netflix? What about Cisco? What about Citrix? Or how about Dollar Shave Club that doesn't ever get password reset requests to you in a timely manner?

Don't forget to poison the data before closing the account. You closing an account does not mean them deleting your data.

@rudolf More relevant for point 1, but I also can't guarantee that they don't have that data in a backup, or that they don't just keep every iteration of personal info involved in any account so...not entirely worth it when I have like 100 accounts I have to go through

At least change the email to a trashmail, confirm it, and wait a month. Then they have backuped it up.

@rudolf I'm deleting and will no longer be using the email that is associated to the accounts I'll be deleting, so it's a fool's errand on this one

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