HOLY SHIT. @PINE64 is coming out with a RISC-V SBC!!!

targeting the sub-$15 mark o.o


@brandon @PINE64 I saw this as well just wait and see they'll be all of 500 made and no more

@QueenoftheDeepRealm @PINE64 @brandon If they can't afford to make more than 500 at sub-$15, I'm happy to subsidise other people's (though I don't have more than $100 to spend on this). I doubt I'm the only one.

:) Yes.. Arm should be getting really worried now... They've already had to scrap license fees for embedded and IoT chips because of #RISCV. RISC-V isn't going to stop there.

SiFive, BeagleV and now Pine64.

@mark Oh damn, I didn't know they had scrapped those feeds.

Funny how Apple's foray into ARM is actually going to get these companies interested in alternatives to ARM :P


"It's said that ARM had canceled license fees for the companies with financing amount lower than $5 million, to compete with its opponent #riscv on the aspects of pricing," - Geng Bo, deputy secretary-general of the China Solid State Lighting Alliance

It doesn't matter though - companies are seeing the advantages of a clean, modular, collaborative, license-free ISA.

In years to come, tech analysts might come to consider Apple's silicon a strategic error. We'll see.

@mark The moment I saw M1 I knew that the processor world would be shook.

:) It's an impressive achievement, no mistake. And coming from the ultimate tech influencer... Intel and AMD ought to be worried - consumer electronics (and servers) are moving away from X86.

@mark What's cool is that AMD and Intel could make their own RISC-V-based processor too :D

Well it's no secret that Intel are in a crouch right now. And with Moore's Law beginning to fail, the whole design of chips is going to have to change.

I'm hoping that Intel will announce that it's going to start designing and fabbing #RISC-V. They recently poached a guy back from SiFive... From what I understand though, RISC is now at the core of X86... so they could go with their own RISC ISA, I guess.

@mark Not all RISC implementations are the same ;)

It's possible though, with the poaching. I know Intel has license to use ARM architecture though so we'll have to wait and seez definitely exciting times. Definitely will buy a board when they release it!

@kai I have none at the moment. I'd like to know about where software support is. If I can find a use for it, it will be used. I might literally just use it for some sort of automation using Jenkins

I think Debian's ported to RISC-V?

@brandon I have no idea what's actually running on these boards, but my guess is: not much, yet 😋

@braunne That one's still over $100, a little steep for end-user pricing. BUT, the more companies invest in this the better

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