"Sign up for our newsletter!"

"No, just the RSS please."

"HAH! I took that away, now you HAVE to sign up for our newsletter"

"Or I can get the same stories you're reposting elsewhere. Fuck you."

@brandon Haha. Amfora (Gemini) browser recently introduced a subscription feature for gemlogs that don’t have RSS or Atom feed. We can subscribe to the page and it arrives automagically on the subscription page whenever there’s an update on the gemlog. Pretty nifty way to read articles over there.

@brandon ugh i feel this. maybe there’s a way you can set up an email server that just logs newsletters and responds to an RSS reader. idk how that would work though.

@Spaceface16518 That's an interesting idea, I'm sure someone will use it, at least I hope so

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