PSA: Check which apps have access to your location and on which usage basis

@brandon This! Every time there’s an update on iOS, apps try to abuse the background refresh access and I like to keep it enabled only for select few. I check the location access granted to the apps regularly. Healthy battery. Healthy phone.

@thumb Healthy person too. Example would be the two prayer apps discovered lately to have sold location data of their users to US govt orgs

@brandon @thumb Why is that the least surprising news I’ve heard? So many issues capitalizing on religion. Many people still think churches/etc are somehow immune to being evil

@brandon seems sus 🤔 maybe I have actually done a good job of cleaning up my phone, but I'm a little surprised to see that nothing has requested my location recently.

@robby I would check in the Privacy > Permissions Manager section (I think you're running a Galaxy Device from what I'm seeing here in your interface)

@brandon Ah, thanks. I only had a few that had permission that I don't think I need them to. The fact that I can screenshot this whole list without scrolling makes me happy 😁

@robby The fuck does the blue light filter need location permissions for? This is something I was wondering before.

Timezone discovery? Seems overkill.

@brandon That one seems far more reasonable than Bose. The Bose app is completely unusable if you don't give it location permission. I have no idea how giving Bose my location could possibly benefit me at all.
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