What's a situation you encountered in the past where the workaround was far simpler than the fix, so you just dealt with the workaround?

@brandon Speaking German, not really motivated to learning the case system well so I just mumble all case conjugations so that the people around me fills them in in their mind, if that counts :p

@brandon Installing linux was simpler than messing with the update policy in windows

@brandon Example: Rather than deal with DRM in getting media that I already own into a format that I prefer, it is far easier to download the media 'illegally' than to go through the 'proper' channels/methods. In many cases, the quality of the media and experience using it far outmatches the 'legitimate' use.

@brandon Mounting a disk from a laptop for recovery instead of dealing with the headache of all the security tools and protocols on the laptop itself. Yeah, I had to extract the drive from a perfectly fine laptop, but I also didn't have to fight the tools.

@nathand I had something similar recently! I booted into my secondary Windows installation just to extract a bitlocker encrypted file rather than going through the rigmarole of installing and configuring all the stuff necessary to make work of the recovery key

Hdcp, just use a hdmi splitter, litterly no issus exept my ossc dosen't like it for some reason

Btw, if you don't know what an ossc, its an open sorce line dobble used to convert analog signals to digital. Works wonders, i love the little thing.

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