Also, I'm looking for a self-hostable RSS reader that has a companion app or is compatible with one (Android)

And I know ya'll are the best to ask

So I ended up reading @kev's article saying he had switched from FreshRSS to Miniflux and I have to say that Miniflux is probably going to do a better job for me. I won't be reading anything in miniflux so I really just need it to fetch RSS for saving into pocket from time to time.

I went with miniflux and I'm happy with it :)

@resynth1943 Sure there's a lot of clients, but that self-hosted part is important for me so I can also have a webapp to go through the same feeds.

Though, when you're working with an OPML file, is that a live storage of the feed list or is that just something that one imports and exports? Cuz you got me thinking maybe I can just have an OPML file that syncs

@brandon yeah quite a lot of them have a webapp. I think Tiny RSS has a web UI, but I know Wallabag does.

On OPML files, I'm honestly not sure. I did export to that format a while ago, and it just included a list of RSS feed URL's.

@brandon I self host TT-RSS. It has an API and several apps and I can sync it with RSS Guard (Desktop/Linux) too.

@djsumdog Alright, I suppose TT-RSS has that list of compatible clients on their site?

@brandon I use FreshRSS and the api is accessible via many apps. I use Reeder on iOS. Pretty sure there must be something for Android that can access their Fever API.

Miniflux is also a great alternative. Fever API compatible.

(On Desktop I started using NewsFlash to access FreshRSS via API)

@thumb FreshRSS looks nice, reminds me a bit of Google Reader (which was the best IMO)

cc @pavot

@brandon +1 for FreshRSS. I’ve had it running on shared hosting for multiple users and it works great. I rarely use the web interface, just connect to native apps on mobile and desktop.

@wdavery Thanks Wyatt for the recommendation! I'm gonna set up FreshRSS now. It'll be a nice addition to my self-hosting stack :3

I recently (yesterday) started self hosting FreshRSS. I am testing YunoHost and keeping RSS feed synced between devices was one of the problems I wanted to solve.

@brandon I use Miniflux. It's simple, easy to host/install and has a reasonably good app (at least for Android). And a good mobile website.

@karmanyaahm @brandon +1 for miniflux. it’s the first service i self hosted and i love it. not too resource heavy, easy to configure and run (i use docker, comes with a convenient image) and very simple, minimalist UI that has good mobile features and great keyboard shortcuts on desktop. very intuitive too, so i had no trouble learning to use RSS feeds.
i also use it to monitor temperature warnings from different devices lol but that’s not normal.

@brandon I'll post another vote for Miniflux, i switched to that from FreshRSS and i found it much nicer but mostly because I prefer the simplicity of it over freshrss (i didn't need a lot of the advanced filtering that freshrss had)

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