One super useful new feature for a package manager would be allowing the package manager to pass arguments to the package to install

@brandon To what end? It's not like many package management tools are actually compiling them...

@nathand There are packages that come with default configs that I would like to change, always, and to be able to change that immediately upon install would be nice.

Sure I can make a script that takes care of that, but if this was a part of a package manager, then I wouldn't have to.

@brandon @nathand It's probably not what you're looking for, but using something like dotbare to manage dotfiles as a bare git repository is what I've taken to doing, that way I can just pull down my configurations to another machine when I feel like it, and as a bonus it's a nice way to share dotfiles in a git repository.

@sotolf @nathand I'd be partial to just managing it in a regular git repo with a few scripts :P

@nathand As well what about the packages that come with stuff that's not necessary to actually run the software or do the specific thing that you need it to do?

@brandon many package managers do come with a way to reduce the dependency chain. Debian’s apt has —no-install-recommends. You can get very specific with that.

Otherwise Gentoo is exactly what you’re after.

@brandon Then you'll need to clarify. Packages are a trade off in convenience vs customization. At some point there has to be a moment where that decision has to be made. For most binary-based distros, it's on the Packager. For Gentoo, Slack or BSD, it's on the user, but with increased complexity and burden on the user.

@nathand Perhaps my OP could apply moreso for package managers like snap and flatpak

@brandon Oh, well, that's a meta discussion. You're at the whim of whomever built that particular bag of horseshit. All of the problems of software with none of the advantages of proper package management.

@nathand I like being able to not have to hold back libraries because some software refuses to use newer versions :P

@brandon so other packages would need to understand the consequences of those options or depend on particular parameters?

@LovesTha hmm good point, a package manager Would have to pass the parameters to all the dependencies, and then all those dependencies have to support that parameter

@brandon which makes changes to the set of parameters nearly impossible.

I don't think this a good idea, other than for user compiled distros

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