Benefit of having a password manager: You know exactly which accounts are still using an old email

Also gives you a chance to close forgotten accounts or change their password while changing the associated email (and even set up 2FA if that wasn't originally an option!) sends verification email to new email, but not to old email to alert of the change.

Bitly doesn't send an account deletion email, neither does 000webhost

Blizzard makes you use an email-provided code on login after a long period of inactivity, sends another email after you've logged in using that code to say there's been a new log in, and will also send an email saying the email has been changed.

Then sends a verification link to the new email :)

Blizzard's doing this right!

My only gripes are that it sends those same emails to the new email once verified, as well as 2FA requiring a specific app for 2FA instead of using an open standard

Cisco notifies you on old email of email change, and verifies new one. Seems like both should be verified in my eyes, no?


aaand of course citrix still requires you to submit a support case to delete your fucking account.

Support case for citrix requires a fucking phone number. Goddamn there's no wondering why this company is going down the shitter.

As if it's a fucking achievement.

I'm salty tonight. I hope I don't bother ya'll with that.


...which doesn't work. Fuck it.

@brandon and the Erasmus hospital in Rotterdam just switched to using Citrix for everything two years ago. Glad I got out right before the transition!

@yarmo The problem is they're so slooooow to adopt anything new. Their clientele also holds them back immensely.

Companies really need to think about the types of customers they want to support.

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