How long do you spend away from social media in waking hours? More precisely, what would you say is the average time between visits to tend to your "feeds"?

Oh and please boost if you're really interested in the stat result

@brandon anywhere between 5 minutes to 5 hours, sometimes longer depending on where I am

@gaurdianaq I can unfortunately literally close a fosstodon tab, then reopen it after seeing nothing is new on Twitter

@brandon I used to be a lot worse about it, and sometimes I do this as well when I've got nothing else going on, or nothing else that I want to be focusing on.

@brandon Y-you *close* Fosstodon?

I have an app window for it and it stays open pretty much all the time.


Similar for me. I use Rambox for social media, which is open most of the time at the computer. Moving all social media into one central place is not ideal either, but it allows me to go all-in or shut it off for a while purposely.

FYI: Rambox is an Electron application, a popular alternative is Franz. However, next time I change something I will move things into a separately configured browser profile (which I can control) instead of relying on an Electron app.

@brandon @gaurdianaq

@floppy @nathand @gaurdianaq The "all in or nothing" sounds appealing. I feel it's not right for me at the moment but maybe moreso once I can get my social media usage under control

@brandon type of average will change this number a lot

@LovesTha Literally just limited by your imagination :P It's not exactly the most scientific study considering it's only being posted on Mastodon :P

@brandon I guess my mean is an hour, my median 15 minutes, and mode is 30 seconds.

@Dashtop Included in 5hrs plus :)

But I get what you mean. I can't say I'm in that camp :/

I can stay away from social media for several hours but that doesn't mean I have good control over my usage. I can also stay on social media for >1 to 5 hours after being away for 8 hours 😐

@murtezayesil Honestly I've been having a lot of trouble controlling my social media usage as of late.

It's been a real problem. For the past month I've been in the less than 5 minutes on average category :/

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