Hey everyone,

Just joined after being quite curious about it. Haven't used any social media since a good 5+ years.

I'm a Linux user/hobbyist since around 2016 and switched the vast majority of my applications on desktop and Android to FOSS ones. Apart from my video card driver, because Nvidia :oh_no: I also just degoogled my phone last month and switched to LineageOS with MicroG. Very happy with it so far!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to join interesting discussions.

@marvka Welcome to FOSStodon! :D Happy to have you here :) How did you discover Mastodon?

@brandon Thanks! :> I'm not entirely sure where I first discovered Mastodon. I heard it namedropped here and there on articles and podcasts. I also saw it some time ago on privacytools.io!

What finally made me want to check it out was the Gnu World Order podcast, because the host @klaatu is on here!

FOSStodon as an instance just sounded most appealing to me from the federated list on joinmastodon.org!


@marvka @klaatu Klaatu is a lovely person :) I always love reading what he has to say :3

I think your introduction to Mastodon has been the longest I've heard of. A lot of others tell me something along the lines of having suddenly heard of it on reddit and joined right away.

I suppose not having social media at all is what kept ya ;)

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