The first thing I do in Firefox is remove those fucking spacers in the UI.

@brandon even before disabling Pocket? That's hardcore stuff

@yarmo I use pocket these days, actually. Just got real annoyed with the amount of stuff Wallabag couldn't parse

@brandon for a while i had a css thingy that just hid the whole bar, but it broke when i updated :(

@fatboy Honestly don't know. Like, I'd like to see as much of a url as possible so that 1. I don't get phished, and 2. so that I can see whatever extra bits are included in a url I'm visiting (like utm tracking)

@brandon Absolutely. I also disable pocket, but only because I can't be bothered with read-it-later anymore.

@brandon the worst thing for me is that there's a screenshot button at the bottom of the right-click context menu. Every time I want to click "inspect element", I miss and click the stupid screenshot thing.
If there's a way to remove that I'd love to know :(

@vancha @brandon it’s kinda complicated, but you can userChrome.css to block context menu entries

@blueberry @vancha



Double click to set to true :) Restart FF and the context menu entry will be gone

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