How do I get firefox to perform lookups for non-standard domain names?

I try my .home domain and it just performs a search on Google rather than actually doing the lookup

So with a little more searching I found network.dns.localDomains as an option, where you specify which domains are local

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@brandon You can open the terminal (assuming you're on Linux), and then type something like "firefox mypage.home", it will treat that as an address rather than a search query

@cirno eehh..thanks for the suggestion but it's probably more convenient just to specify the IP and port

@brandon It seems that putting "http://" before the address also makes Firefox not try to look it up

I believe I did find the way to do this for firefox when trying to find how to do it on palemoon. But I didn't take note of it because it wasn't relevant. At the very least, I have 80% confidence that the answer you seek exists online somewhere.

@brandon if you use dig or ping does it resolve properly?

It could be Firefox's new dns over http - on by default, you can find it in settings.

@brandon saw your local domains solution, that probably bypasses the dns over http functionality for those domains.

@bhart Considering that it's my local DNS server that's responding and not one over the internet, I really don't think that's an issue

@brandon ohh even I had the same problem but the "correct" way is domain.localhost

As specified in this RFC

@brandon Type the protocol (http://) in front of it. Then you can select 'visit' from the suggestions.

@brandon I turned on the “require ? before searches” option.

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