ok, it didn't boot, now I have set the bootable flag

Coooool. Finished the install. SSD wouldn't even boot? Damn bios.

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Alright, so it's been installed since last night.

This feels nice :3 Gonna separate my user and the user who has access to use docker without sudo. That user also doesn't have a password so cannot be switched to without root powers

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@brandon I don't know what magic this does but it's the only thing that works

@brandon @Citizenzibb bootable usb with two partitions. One you drop straight ISOs onto and the other one boots and lets you select which one to boot for real.

@tychi @brandon Exactly that. Sorry I didn't respond quickly enough.

@Citizenzibb @brandon I'm just paying it forward from when you originally told me months ago :)

@tychi @brandon Haha, beats the hell out of doing it the old fashioned way.

@brandon I didn't know centos had a GUI by default. Last time I messed with it, it was all CLI.

@brandon The dd command has never failed me when making a live USB.

@brandon Boot flag is a DOS/Windows thing from ancient times.

@atalsta Ahh, okay so never worth "trying" when it comes to booting Linux distros

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