Ugh. Now I have to re-do my server using CentOS. Not a problem of working with CentOS, just a problem of the work involved period

@kai Nothing in particular, it's just gotten to a point where I feel like it's "dirty"

Basically I've just run it putting bodge on top of bodge and now I feel like if I move one thing, the whole tower crumbles.

I'd like to start from scratch so I can set things up the "right" way from the start, and properly maintain it after.

Half of this is having started with just being used for one thing, then me having added a few more purposes later, and the other half is ignorance at the beginning.

@brandon ha! Mine has also expanded in scope since I started. Everything is in tidy containers, but I want to run Clear Linux which doesn't support LXD. This is the excuse I need to learn Docker.

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