Is the @fosstodon server/community/whathaveyou a registered non-profit?

@brandon @fosstodon oh, never even though about it being reg period. figured it was always a couple guys, a server, and a garage.
maybe throw in a couple of beers into the mix.

@jordan31 Well, a little bit more complex than that, but not too far off. It's a couple guys on two continents, a rented server infrastructure in data center in France, and occasionally a couple beers.

@brandon @fosstodon

@jordan31 @mike @fosstodon I was thinking it'd be cool to see that Fosstodon has some sort of legal standing but then I compared that to the idea of "just a couple of folks doing what they love" then became slightly disgusted at the idea of changing that

@brandon @mike @fosstodon Yeah I don't really see a need to change it. They are only providing a "hub" for people to chat. Besides seeking a NPO just seems needlessly complicated for this, I say stick to a couple of guys and a couple of beers.

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