@tychi heheh, I needed that luck yesterday trying to install Big Sur. What a mess of a release. Between folks not being able to download it, folks not being able to install it, and it actually bricking some folks' machines...it's insane.

I have it now, thankfully but I do not envy the folks who use their mac for a daily driver

@brandon dude, such a clusterfun, lol. my T4 arrives today for work. Bittersweet this will be my last Mac.

I'm really gonna miss the stickers, but that's about it 😅

@tychi @brandon
>using a mac
>github sticker

cringe bro...

@wish @brandon haha, right? I'm leaving the belly of the beast, I swear.

@tychi I kinda miss the lenovo laptops :( We only use Dell here, but that's also because we get insane discounts due to bulk buying and a sort of partnership

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