I really wish people would stop posting the HN thread rather than the actual link they mean to refer to.

Lookin' at you @nathand =.=

@brandon Yeah, well, I wanted to highlight the people talking about how local-first is some sort of miracle technology that has never seen the light of day.


Now take those Kanye glasses off...

@nathand @brandon I just quickly breezed through this, but, this describes things we already had. Like, every one of his what ifs is easily solved even this supposed to be a joke?

@jordan31 @nathand @brandon I thought so at first too but what they're referring to is a (potentially) collaborative offline first application that can deal with conflicts caused by users changing the same data at the same time a la git but more user friendly and not just for text files.

They also want apps that can sync with other devices with p2p networking

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