Sooo, new dude at my job yesterday got a phone call in the middle of his second day. Takes it in the other room, then after the call, picks up his stuff and starts to leave.

He accepted a job offer at another company. Second day, folks. What unprofessionalism.

@brandon Oh? Just two days? Man, I've had people wait 2-3 *weeks*.

Gotta live that mercenary life, though.

@nathand I’m so happy it happened after two days and not two weeks. Plus now this means I can focus on the other hire and give more in depth training to her :)

@brandon what a boss. Don't care about companies, they don't care about you either.

@Gina I get what you’re saying but the team I work with, we’re a pretty tight knit crew, caring for one another and whatnot

So for me, it was like losing a bonding opportunity

@brandon ah fair enough, sorry I sometimes forget the social component of work.

@Gina no worries. If I were in any other team (like finance or maybe marketing) I would definitely be of the same mindset, but I’ve grown to feel like these folks are my family

But good riddance to this guy, probably wouldn’t have felt the same way about us seeing the way he was just like “well, fuck you guys I’m out”

@brandon @Gina I used to work at a place like that. Then the upper management poisoned it all by doing mystery layoffs. Twice.

No, it wasn't Mozilla.

@brandon I had dinner with an old co-worker that jumped 3 jobs in two weeks. Not my jam.

@brandon Maybe you should have paid him more? Maybe he sensed you were the type of person to call him unprofessional at the drop of a hat?

@melmc I don't decide people's salary, and I calls 'em like I sees 'em.

Unlikely though, we welcomed him with open arms and showed him all the courtesy a new hire deserves before he dropped us like a sack of potatoes

@melmc What I do on my own time has no relation to any of my professional behaviour. I don't see how my self-identification as a certified little shit has anything to do with someone deciding to or not to work with us.

@Frankie @brandon @melmc Lets not dive into name calling and disrespect to actual autistic people.

@brandon @melmc I think it was the Ubuntu part in your bio. ;)

Sorry, I had too, it's been too long since I gave them crap.

I agree with you though, that reputation follows you and your career. I'd like to keep it tidy. No harm in leaving a company, but, I would at least worked out a 2 week deal or so with current and future company.

@jordan31 @melmc I'd have a different tune if he was at the very least apologetic to the people who were training him and trying to get him up to speed but nope. That's where most of my criticism lies for this dude

@brandon @melmc Agreed. It's rude and a waste of peoples time and kind of spoils the moral of a crew. I hope he was guaranteed that other job, or he might be back in a few days :D

@jordan31 @melmc Yeah the morale of the team keeps taking these hits with a few of the notable departures aside from this one. And I hope the same, for his and his family's sake

@brandon that's happened after 3 months and also 1 guy never turned up. The amount of effort that went into hiring the guy and letting down the others. Hiring process is exhausting and expensive. That's a dick move as they never intended sticking around

@simon Oof, at least there's the plausible deniability of the 3 month guy that he "tried it out" and didn't like the job... but still

Yes, it's extremely expensive, especially in a technical role with competency tests

@brandon I have no idea what your work environment is like, and you seem like a person people would like to work with. Don't take what that guy did personally. Maybe he finally got a callback for his dream job with the moscow ballet or something.

All jokes aside, I've worked for absolute cold blooded monsters in my life, and if I detected even 1 percent of that toxicity I would have bailed so fast it would defy the laws of physics, professionalism be DAMNED.

Loyalty has to be earned.

@Citizenzibb Our environment is very much buddy buddy, we often have personal discussions in the middle of work and we even instated three "bonding" zoom meetings during work time, on top of having our gaming sessions after work on Fridays, so it's surely not the environment.

I really do hope that it's his dream job, and that it's a better choice for him

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