A man who clearly does not understand the internet, birdsite


"Public's airwaves" ?

*Everyone* knows that the internet is a series of tubes invented by Al Gore!

What a jackass

@msh as if these companies would use satellite or radio waves to broadcast their bytes. Like they could survive if that was the case

@gregandcin it's botsentinel's rating for the user based on their tweet activity. The accounts they interact with, the language they use, the hashtags they use and the amount of negative language used in those hashtags, a whole crapton of metrics

@brandon I hope you will pardon a side-question, but I have seen a lot of people put pictures like this behind "sensitive content" warnings, and I am wondering why that is. It doesn't seem like sensitive content. Am I missing something?

@cothrige I put this one just behind a content warning but in seriousness I should have tagged it as being political. Some folks also don't like seeing birdsite because of the harassment they endured over there

@brandon Really? I had no idea. I will try to remember that for any future pics I may post. Does tagging a pic as political also hide it until clicked?

Cw example 

@cothrige anytime you CW a picture, it will hide it like that post did. because I put a CW and no text in the actual post, it automatically just marked the media as sensitive, and didn't write the text as a CW, if I had text in the post itself with the cw, it'd be looking like this one

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