MIGHT try the iPhone for another few months now that iOS 14 is out AND I have airpods pro (the cost of those still hurts)

@brandon :oof:

I don't feel like it makes sense to buy a phone mid-cycle, so I either need to buy one right now or wait a year.

@kai luckily this is a phone that's lying around from an ex employee's corporate line :3

@brandon Those airpods seem pretty neat. How's the sound?

I'm still holding onto my hoping that it might be usable some day... I'm a little disappointed at how slowly the phone projects have come, but I can't code like that, so testing is the best I can do. :-/

@bhibb @brandon I hope it will too! I'm waiting until my OnePlus does before jumping. Hopefully it'll be next model by then...

@bhibb honestly the Linux phone development is so hard because there's very few people willing to do the testing/spend money on getting devices to test and then it's also difficult because not many manufacturers are willing to pony up the bytes needed to make certain hardware work

So yeah, it's slow, but it's not for lack of trying! Mobile development at that level is also something new for a lot of devs

@brandon True that. I am excited to see what comes of Pine's offerings. Obviously the laptops are doing great, but the phones/tabs and watch are definitely for those willing to develop and experiment.

I won't hold my breath for the Librem5... They've taken so much money without releasing a phone :( just kinda feels wrong.

@bhibb purism for a while had kinda given me a sour taste already, especially with the release of their Librem One suite and how opaque they were about simply white labelling existing software

@brandon Yeah... That sounds no bueno. Now they're raising money for you to "request" apps that you want on their platform. I don't know wow they're still getting people's buy-in. Maybe it's the desperate hope that some day we'll have a privacy-conscious phone. Ah well, to each their own.

@bhibb wow, on top of not even delivering the phone yet, they want to promise that they're going to develop the apps for the phone, not even developing anything really original, but just adapting existing apps for the mobile platform.

it better be compatible with every other damn Linux phone out there.

what makes me uncomfortable in all this is mostly just that there's so little detail in any of the plans that they put out. Not very open source-y

@brandon Too true. I've tested Phosh and it's coming along, but yeah, I imagine it won't work on every other phone, sadly. I don't know if they're looking so much to be open source-y as they are trying to set up a suite of services like Google or Apple. I mean I'm sure it's in their message to be more open, but yeah, the big picture seems pretty vague from their messaging.

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